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How To Become Healthier & Happier In 2016




Healthy New Year Resolutions 2016

As the clock strikes midnight on New Year's Eve and takes us into 2016, as with most years, we will have good intentions for the year to come. We will make a resolution to perhaps quit smoking, start exercising or cut out the junk food and get our five fruit and veg every day. 

However, more often than not, January passes and the resolutions that we were sure we would actually stick to this year are a distance memory and we promise to make and keep to them next year instead! 

Well, this year don’t put it off until next year and don’t make one single resolution that you will find difficult to keep. For 2016, vow to become happier and healthier, by making several changes to your life: 

Drink More Water and Less Coke
Every time you go to reach for a can of coke, consider swapping it for a glass of water. Sure, water doesn’t taste quite as delicious, however, it also doesn’t contain ten teaspoons of sugar either! While it's been reported that this is what Coke will do to your body, water as well as keeping you hydrated, will prevent headaches and dizziness, clear your skin and boost your energy.

The same goes for alcohol. That isn’t to say you can’t treat yourself once in a while, but whilst you may feel very happy on the night you are drinking, you definitely won’t feel like that the next day or in the long-run! 

Start aiming towards your recommended two litres of water a day – you will feel much healthier and happier for it.   

Cut Down on Junk Food and Eat Your Greens 
This isn’t to say you can never have McDonalds again and must only eat lettuce leaves. However, a healthy diet will make you feel better in yourself, which will in turn make you feel much happier. 

Take Up Yoga 
Exercising regularly will obviously work towards a healthier you, but it will also make you happier as it releases endorphins that will boost your mood, as well as reducing stress. 

If going out in the cold to run for an hour is putting you off, how about joining a yoga class? There are many benefits to Yoga for both your mind and body including better sleep and more energy. 

Enjoy the Moment 
We spend so much time looking to the future, worrying about what may or may not happen, that we don’t appreciate the moment. Stop being hard on yourself, stop worrying about the fact you’re not in your 'dream' job or where you thought you would be by now. Instead take time to look at what you have achieved and feel proud of that. 

Rather than worrying about the future, set yourself some goals – that way you have something to work towards, which will help you to feel happier. 

Cut Down Your Social Media Use 
Too many of us spend hours a day scrolling through social media, and feeling worse about ourselves because we see others with 'perfect' lives – and as a result feel jealous because every thing they have is better than us! Is it? Is social media really a true representation of our lives, or do we only show people what we want them to see?   

If you are on social media, use it to look through your old photos. According to research looking through old photos can boost your mood more than a chunk of chocolate! 

Laugh More! 
While you are enjoying the moment, it may enable you to laugh more! Laughter is the best medicine – both mentally and physically, and apparently laughing 100 times is the equivalent to 10 minutes on a rowing machine or 15 minutes on an exercise bike. 

Need some help and inspiration throughout the year? The women and food titles that can land on your doorstep each month from magazine subscriptions UK will give you ideas for healthy meals, exercise routines and further hints and tips to help you remain happy and healthy all year.

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