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Forging Through Cancer: 4 Tips To Keep You Fighting




Fighting cancer is emotionally, physically, mentally, and financially draining. It can feel like there’s not much more the disease can take from you. In moments like these, it’s so important to lean on friends and family so you can find it in yourself to keep going. Finding relief wherever you can will feel refreshing, and might be just what you need to see a positive outcome in a difficult situation. If you’re struggling with cancer, here are four tips to keep you motivated and moving forward.

Access Money When You Need It Most

Cancer can be very costly in many ways. Financially, even people with the best health insurance can find that monetarily they’re in need of further support. You may not have considered this, but in order to get the money you require, you have the ability to liquidate your life insurance policy. American Life Fund offers viatical settlements that will give you a lump sum of money so you can take care of these expenses and more. Once the money is in your possession, you can do with it whatever you want. No one is dictating the way you spend it. So, if you want to use it so that your loved one can take time off of work to help take care of you or if you want to put the money into a fund for your niece or nephew, you can set that up without question. Once you get an estimate, fill out a two-page application and review the offer. You will have your money in a matter of days.

Indoor Cannabis Farm

Try Alternative Medicine

If your anxiety has considerably increased due to your illness, ask your doctor about alternative methods of management. Depending on your level of anxiety, a CBD joint could help take the edge off without truly inhibiting your mind. To find exactly what you need, you can check out Plain Jane. They’re experts on everything related to CBD and hemp. They select their products with great authority in order to give their consumers the best experience possible. Before trying any of their products, make sure you’re checking with your doctor to ensure it won’t negatively interact with any other medication you’re using. Once you get the “go ahead,” you can find a little peace of mind with Plain Jane.

Man & Woman Holding Hands

Communicate What You Need

You’re probably over people trying to be too positive or negative. Your loved ones just want to say the right thing to help you along your way to recovery, but you’ve probably noticed that words don’t necessarily feel useful right now. There’s nothing comforting or upsetting that you haven’t already thought of yourself. In that case, try to communicate with your friends and family what you will find useful to help you through this time. If that’s having someone come over and reorganize your closet so that you can more easily find your things, ask for that! Rather, if you need four pints of ice cream to top off a less than ideal day of chemotherapy, send a text. They’ll be relieved to do something that feels productive and legitimately helpful.

Find A Third Party

The last place you probably want to be is another doctor’s office, but finding a therapist to help you talk through your experience with cancer can be very beneficial. Having a confidant to explore the highs and lows of this journey can really make a difference in how you mentally cope. You’ll probably get to a point where you just don’t want to talk about it with your family, or you may be concerned about worrying them with your real feelings. A therapist can help you navigate those feelings and your loved ones' feelings during this time.

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