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Fun Ways to Stay Active without Realizing It




Two young women jumping with joy at sunset

Everybody is aware how beneficial exercising is but undeniably, not everyone is willing to undergo the necessary preparation and sacrifice their sleep or lifestyles so as not to miss a session. The good news is you can have a lot of ways to exercise without realizing it. You need not hit the gym or jog for rounds to get your body working. Try out these fun ways to stay active from time to time: 

1. Walking With Friends – Instead of calling a cab to get you and your pals to your destination, how about you relive the traditional way and walk your way towards that place. Walk with fun over friendly chitchats and you will be surprised about the number of miles you have conquered.

2. Hiking – The difference between hiking and walking is walkers walk on any kind of surface while hikers take a more natural trail like mountains, forests, and forest parks. When you hike, you do not only keep your body from slacking, you also get to appreciate incredible scenery and spend memorable moments with your squad. 

3. Rock Climbing – For the more active pals, rock climbing is a common favorite when they want to keep non-flabby arms and legs. Rock climbing not only helps shed calories, it also is one of the best back, leg, and arm workouts ever discovered and the feeling of gratification is unmatched once the wall’s top is reached. Rock climbing is every fit nerd’s dream. 

4. Climbing on Other Surfaces – If you want a more adventurous, natural kind of climbing as your workout, how about you give the woods a try, explore it and climb on stumps, trees, and run a balance on fallen branches? Sounds fun, right? But do not forget to practice safety first. Make sure you have your climbing rope and first aid kits with you.  

5. Nerdy Geocaching – For the nerds, geocaching is the workout to go. This recreational activity includes hunting for or finding a hidden object with the use of a GPS locator. If you are up for more challenge, then get your brain and body working by geocaching.  

6. Playing on Rebounders – Jumping with your mini rebounder or trampoline at home may sound easy and fun but did you know that rebounding is also as intense and effective to lose weight as running? You heard that right. A lot of runners who wanted to continue working on their cardio but could not run on hard surfaces to avoid joint problems were advised by experts to try rebounding instead as the latter offers a less risky to shred the excess pounds off. Rebounding has been proven to be good for the heart, not to mention it increases a person’s balance, and coordination. 

7. Dancing – If you love to dance, then make it your workout. Nowadays, you can already find a lot of good dance workouts on Youtube from hiphop, to swing, or an all-in-one Zumba routine to get you sweating at home. All you’ll need are a good internet connection and a spacious room and then you can start dancing your day through. 

8. Roughhousing with Kids - Believe it or not, roughhousing with your kids at home is already a good workout you and your kids can benefit from. Do it on your backyard, or wherever possible. So what are you waiting for? Relieve your childhood memories, keep yourself young, and create that stronger bond with your kids. 

9. Role Playing With Kids – Play in whichever way yours and your kids’ imaginations can take you. How about live action role playing? You could wear heavy costume or swing your heavy weaponry or run for your life. In no time, you’ll be sweating and you will not have even realized it. 

10. Doing a Handstand – For the young, there is no reason not to do handstands. This exciting and fun activity not only gives a sweet victory feeling, it also improves core and arm strength. In a matter of minutes, sweats will flood down the body. You can do it at home, or find a park do it in. 

11. Other Games With Kids – Play on a playground or start any childhood game. For sure, it will be a physical activity that requires body movements. Either you do it with gears on or not, surely the purpose of working out is reached. You can even play active video games like Kinect, Wii Tennis, Wii Fit, or any that you can find on your Xbox or Sony Move. In doing so, you will hardly even notice that you have been standing up for long. 

12. Parkour – For the guys, trying out any beginner’s guide to Parkour is a good option. It is even so popular on Nerd Fitness. Do not be afraid to roll around and vault over bike racks and picnic tables. Unleash your beasty ability. 

13. Martial Arts – To some, martial arts is a regular workout but for others, martial arts is a healthy hobby that helps them mimic a kung fu movie confidently eventually. Want to feel like a badass? This one is for you. 

14. Yoga – You will find a thousand kinds of yoga but all of them have a common benefit, they help build up the body’s strength and flexibility. Yoga helps people find their inner balance and wellbeing which feels relaxing in the long run. 

15. DIY Minor Constructions at Home – Stop slacking and build that desk your son has been asking for instead of paying a fortune at a furniture store. Do not be afraid to do minor constructions at home. Not only these are an economical workout, they are also good for your posture, legs, and body.  

16. Clean! – Who says cleaning is fun? Well, to some people it may well be! With a good playlist blasting in the background, sweat off those excess pounds while cleaning your home. You will surely feel good. 

17. Bike to Your Destination – The rising price of gasoline is alarming. So how about give your wallet a favor and start biking to work instead? Not only does this help you save money on gas, you get an instant workout too. 

Whether you are a home person or an extrovert who prefers staying outdoors, there is absolutely no reason to stop being active. Try the ways mentioned above for a longer, healthier life. Make yourself proud.

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  • I'm a big fan of hiking. It is an excellent way to boost your mood. Hiking can also treat back pain and increase your cardiovascular fitness.
    This exercise doesn’t require much: a pair of comfortable hiking boots, rucksack, and durable high-quality fitness wear.

    Comment last edited on about 3 years ago by Maff

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