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Hard to Catch Your Breath In the Smoke of a Wild Fire Haze





by Stephen Hauer


You only have to take your finger and wipe it across your parked car’s surface to know what your Lungs / Respiratory and Cardiovascular System have to deal with given the presence of Wild Fire Fall-Out.

Unfortunately, recent climate studies only point to a three times increased incidence of American West forest fires as our climate gets warmer & dryer. Not only scarring our landscape, but negatively impacting our air quality and taxing the health of our immune, respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

One of the greatest health hazards of Wild Fires, lies in the fine microscopic Particulate Matter that is generated. Measuring 30 times smaller than a human hair, Wild Fire Particulate Matter is a mixture of solid particles and liquid droplets, which are forced into the air by the fires fury.

It is these Airborne Wild Fire Particles, which create a One / Two Particulate Matter Combustion Punch of natural “Forest Fuels” i.e. timber, With… “Structural Fuels” i.e. Homes, Infrastructure components. Combining to create a Toxic Cocktail / Discharge of hundreds, if not thousands, of chemical compounds into the atmosphere, including carbon monoxide, total suspended particulates, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, polyvinyl chloride, hydrogen chloride, hydrochloric acid and other chemicals.

Unfortunately over time, these inhaled debris / chemical particles, can be carried deep into the lungs, where they accumulate. Not only impairing the system’s ability to actually remove / expel these foreign pollutants, but further altering / weakening the body's immune system / health and ability to fight theses invading forces. Resulting in / exacerbating health problems — especially in the elderly, children, smokers, and individuals with Congestive Heart Disease or Respiratory / Lung Diseases such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Emphysema, Bronchitis, Allergies or asthma.

Still further on this Slippery Slope, when such Wild Fire Particulate Issues are combined with an Immune System already suppressed from other diseases, stress, exhaustion and poor nutrition, the stage is set for even further compromised health status.

Given this Wild Fire / Particulate Matter Scenario, there's no doubt that vulnerable individuals should be cautioned to take preventative measures from a Wild Fire “Smoke Event”, which may exacerbate any existing health issues.


Some Short Term Health Measures include:

  • Stay indoors as much as possible.
  • Keep the windows of your home and car closed.
  • If respiratory issues and if outdoor activity is necessary, keep exertion to a minimum / slow down / stop if labored breathing.
  • Limit the time spent out-of-doors until conditions improve.
  • Turn off air exchange units that bring air in from the outside.
  • Use air conditioner and be sure to check to see if your filters are OK. Allergen Blocking filters are preferred if Respiratory / Allergy / Allergic Asthma issues are present.
  • Artificial tear drops and anti-histamine eye drops can also help reduce red, itchy, and watery eyes.
  • Consider Allergy Medications to open respirtatory pasages.
  • Possibly consider a N95 or higher Respirator ( not surgical facemask) which is designed to protect you from breathing in very small particles, which might also contain viruses. N95 respirators should be worn only once and then thrown away in the trash.


Some Long Term ( After the Wild fires ) Health Measures include:

  • Keep your Immune System as Healthy as possible with the “Pillars” of Good Immune System Health of Adequate Sleep, Proper / Healthy Nutrition / Supplements, Exercise & Quality Downtime.
  • Be a Pro-Active / Informed Medical Consumer with preventative Health Care action which speaks to the analogy truth of > An Ounce of Prevention = A Pound of Cure.
  • If you have Health Issues, be a “Compliant Patient” ! Take your prescribed Medications as instructed. They only work if you take them correctly. Stay the Course !
  • Be Alert / Pro-Active, Not Reactive to Life and what it throws at you.
  • Keep your positive karma high, it is a choice that you make / totally under your control. No one likes to be around a negative / always complaining person. Sure you have troubles, but who doesn’t. Be Positive - Fear, despair, discouragement will wilt when confronted by a Smile on your face.
  • Remove / Neutralize any Source of Chronic Inflammation in your System i.e. Allergy. Remember .. Chronic, UnResolved / UnTreated Inflammation spurred by an Immune System Over-Load is now considered a Key Cause / Factor in almost all Chronic Degenerative and LifeStyle Diseases.


About the Author:
Stephen Hauer is Principal of A National, Physician-Based, Patient-Focused ALLERGY Services Company. Supporting Your Primary Care Physician with Enviro & FOOD Allergy Blood Testing, Custom Formulated Allergy Neutralizing ImmunoTherapy Vaccine ( NEW Allergy DROPs or traditional “SHOTs”) and Custom FOOD Allergy DIET Plans ALL based on EACH Patient’s unique Allergy Test result.



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