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Hazards of Sitting For Too Long




Correct sitting posture diagramWe do realize that we are harming our body inside out by the sedentary nature of our job, don’t we? Yes, deep down we all know that we spend a major part of the day glued to the computer screen if we have a desk job, or tethered to the phone or more still stuck around tables in meetings. That’s not all the sitting that we do in the entire day, cars, buses and trains all require us to sit to get to and from one place to another. 

All these tedious sitting hours is leading to increased risk of death from serious heart problems and other causes, and generally shortening your lifespan. Sitting for 11 plus hours per day leads to an increased risk of death by a considerable 40%, irrespective of your level of physical activity throughout the day, as found by Van der Ploeg (a senior research fellow at the University of Sydney’s School of Public Health in Australia) and colleagues. The problems may stem out from top to toe:

Foggy Brain ('Brain Fog')
This is personally the most relatable part of sitting in front of the computer all day. Trust me it clouds your thought processes, analytical ability and sense of judgment to such an extent that if you get up and take a walk and resume work thereafter you are sure to feel a difference. The environment in which you operate should be equally conducive for your mental health.  Muscle movement stimulates the brain to wake up by releasing brain and mood stimulating hormones.

Strained Neck
Relaxing a muscle here and there and constantly holding your neck to stretch and get over that nerve-wracking feel that you can literally feel now, is a common sight for office workers. Permanent imbalances and intense strain on the cervical vertebrae are the most likely dangerous outcomes. These may trickle down to a cold shoulder and a painful back, which may disrupt your posture as the collagen around your tendons and ligaments harden.

Backbone Problems
Putting all your upper-body weight on the sitting bones instead of being somewhat evenly distributed along the arch of the spine is indeed a matter of great concern. Practice the right way to sit to avoid an inflexible spine and disk damage. It is your responsibility to make your workplace healthy for yourself. Yoga and physical exercise will serve as just ‘the right’ combination to tackle the innumerable physical issues that seem to plague you. 

Organ Damage
The apparent physical degradation of your health can still be taken notice of and steps can be taken to address to amend it. However, little do we realize that the internal damage can be much more destructive and debilitating and irreversible, most of the time.

Heart Disease
Just hearing that word makes my heart skip a beat and that heart sinking feeling seems to settle in. Just imagine developing a heart disease for simply sitting most of the day. Don’t you think it is better to spend a hectic, active routine then a sedentary one then? The logic behind it is quite simple. Prolonged sitting makes your blood flow sluggishly and your muscles burn less fat. Blood pressure and cholesterol levels automatically rise and the person is pre-disposed to a higher risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. 

As we all know that pancreas are responsible for the secretion of insulin that carries glucose to blood cells, providing them with energy. However, inactive muscles that stay idle are not as responsive to insulin as they are normally, as a result of which the pancreas naturally start producing more and more of it. Diabetes is an inevitable result.


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