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Healthy Home Heating




Our modern lives are constantly under threat from a variety of external health hazards. Whether it be the chemicals used in food, or even airborne toxins, there are a variety of factors that we must consider when carrying out our daily activities.

And when it comes to heating our homes, there are also a huge array of things that should be evaluated in regard to how they can affect our health.


Staying Warm

Open fireplace emitting toxic combustion by-products

One of the most important things to realise is that staying warm in the winter months is critical for our health. This is obviously more relevant to the old, young and the sick, but even for the average healthy adult, the NHS states that we can prevent sicknesses like colds and flu, and even a range of long-term conditions such as pneumonia and strokes, if we can keep warm in the home.

Each year in the UK, there are thousands of deaths that occur each year that could have been prevented through better methods of heating the home. However, efforts made to keep the home warm can also have a number of adverse side-effects that can cause a variety of health issues.


Heating Dangers

The health effects of carbon monoxide poisoning

The National Fire Prevention Association have illustrated that heating equipment is the lead cause of all home fire deaths. And whilst injuries caused by fires can be relatively simple to spot, heating appliances can cause more insidious illnesses too.

In particular, any appliance that generates heat through burning wood or fossils fuels can generate toxic carbon monoxide. This poisonous gas is difficult to detect as it is invisible and has no obvious smell, but it can cause some devastating flu-like conditions in anyone unlucky enough to be exposed.

There are a number of solutions to help you and your family avoid such issues. British Gas offer tips and checks on appliances that can give peace of mind regarding the possibilities of carbon monoxide poisoning. And if you're looking to update your home heating solution, Verismart provides electric radiators that can be easily installed into any room and offer a modern alternative to such potentially deadly appliances.


Environmental Effects

Modern household radiator

Electric radiators are also more environmentally-friendly in that they can be much more simply controlled through a simple thermostat control so as to limit unnecessary heat wastage.

And simple measures such as eliminating draughts and leaks in the home can go a long way in cutting down your fuel costs, as well as providing you with a much happier and healthier home this winter.





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