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Healthy Strategies For Dealing With Your Environmental Illness




Journal with retro camera and manilla envelope

While it’s not fair that you’re diagnosed with an illness, you have to accept the reality of what is and try to move forward. One way to do this is by finding ways that help you deal with your feelings, emotions and any mental or physical pain.

This way you can still live your life and not be controlled by the environmental illness. It’s important to discover healthy strategies that allow you to cope with all the confusion and disruption that’s been brought to your days. You’ll be glad you took action and got yourself to a better place because you should know it is possible to find happiness again.

Find your Passion

Your illness shouldn’t stop you from continuing to find your passion. Even if it’s not your dream job, you should find work that’s satisfying and gets you out of bed each day. Check out for ideas and read about possibilities that will fit your lifestyle. The key is not to be sitting around at home feeling sorry for yourself. Get out there and show the world what you’re made of by arriving each day ready to work hard. 

Talk to Someone

One healthy strategy for dealing with your environmental illness is to talk to someone about what you’re feeling and thinking. Either find a therapist who has experience working with someone in your situation or find a trusted friend or family member to open up to. You’ll feel so much better when you get your heavy emotions off your chest and release the stress and tension you’ve been experiencing. Talking and sharing is healthy and is a great tool for helping you get through your difficult times and for realizing you’re not alone.

Learn More About It

Stop fear in its tracks by learning more about your illness. Study it, research it, and read stories about people who’ve been living with it too. Find blogs on the topic, join online communities and educate yourself as much as possible about your condition. Doing this will provide you with strength, instead of being tempted to run and hide from it. Understand the ins and outs and what you can be doing to better manage the environmental illness. You’ll likely be pleasantly surprised at what you learn, and you may find your assumptions challenged.

Meditate, Reflect & Journal 

It’s easy to use distractions when you’re feeling sad or frustrated. Instead, use your free time to meditate, reflect and journal what’s going on inside your mind. Your thoughts are likely racing around and dictating your emotions without you even knowing it. Take time to better understand all that’s swirling around in your head and start to challenge ideas that are making you feel down. Get comfortable with silence and alone time as you try to make sense of what’s going on.


No one should have to deal with an environmental illness, but the truth is that people do each day. Take back control of your life by using healthy strategies to manage your situation. You should be excited about your future once you get to a better place.


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