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Heating System Maintenance Services




To extend the life of your heating systems, you need to have them serviced on a regular basis. This will ensure that all components work smoothly and perform their installed functions. Service for heating system maintenance is better to order from specialized companies, specialists who clearly know what algorithm to follow -

What is included in the maintenance of heating

Service for heating systems - a wide range of works, which includes scheduled and unscheduled checks of equipment. The services of a qualified company necessarily involve the following actions:

  • annual diagnostics and check the performance of all system components before the heating season begins;
  • checking the functionality of sensors;
  • checking the tightness of the pipelines and their cleaning in case of impurities and blockages;
  • calibration of the thermostats to maintain the required room temperature;
  • cleaning of external and internal components from corrosion;
  • cleaning of external and internal components from corrosion;
  • lubrication of components if required;
  • replacement of defective parts;
  • replacement of damaged parts and installation of new ones.

Scheduled inspections are performed according to a pre-approved plan. Even if the heating system is working properly, specialists still perform diagnostics, because some internal problems can develop covertly and not make themselves known. At critical malfunctions masters unscheduled departure to the object to establish their causes and fix the situation.

Woman sat above a radiator on her window ledge keeping warmWhat are the peculiarities of heating system maintenance

When performing maintenance work, it is necessary to take into account that at the moment there are different in design heating systems. In private homes use units that run on gas, electricity or solid fuel. Peculiarities of maintenance of solid fuel boilers will be different from the inspection of gas equipment.

A non-professional is not able to take into account all the nuances of the equipment and develop a plan for checking in accordance with them. For this reason, trust the diagnostics to masters who have experience working with different systems in terms of functionality. There is no universal approach in this business, you need to find an individual approach to each client.

How much will service maintenance cost

It is impossible to give an unambiguous answer to this question, because it all depends on the type of heating equipment and the actions performed. Respectful firms provide customers with a price list of their services in advance. Each type of repair work costs a certain amount of money, although when replacing parts, the price may change depending on their quality.

When providing regular maintenance, a contract is signed. Under it, the customer pays a certain fixed amount for annual service, and the company undertakes to perform diagnostics of the system in the prescribed manner. Payment for the replacement of broken components is negotiated separately.

The more complex and extensive is the range of works provided, the higher will be their price. Be warned in advance that you should not be fooled by firms that offer cheap service. Usually behind such a cheapness hides a negligent approach to the work. Such "specialists" will approach diagnostics with their hands down and will definitely not notice certain failures. As a result, you will have to spend more money on repairs than you saved on maintenance.

What are the benefits of a qualified service company

Contacting a specialized heating service company with years of experience offers the following benefits:

  1. full service that includes both scheduled and unscheduled work to replace any system components;
  2. work on a "turnkey" basis - the company is engaged in the management of the heating system, from its design, selection and installation, to repair work;
  3. timely detection of failures - regular checks allow to detect failures at early stages, and it means that their elimination will require less money;
  4. official provision of service - you sign a contract in advance with the servicing firm, so that in case of any claims you can recover compensation in court;
  5. flexibility of specialists - workers are able to organize their activities based on the peculiarities of your particular heating system and its filling.

If you want your heating system to faithfully serve you for decades, then without regular service is impossible to solve this problem. Carefully study the companies on the market and choose only those that have been operating for many years and have positive reviews from customers. Excellent if you make your choice on the recommendation of friends or relatives who have already had a successful experience with this company.


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