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HGH Therapy for Men: Benefits and Risks




Man having doctor / therapist consultation about HGH

The human growth hormone, also known as HGH is the main hormone responsible for the growth and regrowth of the body cells. Basically, it is responsible for the whole development of the human body, as well as for maintaining the body in proper shape. The production of this hormone peaks during childhood, and it begins to decrease with old age. This is why children not only grow very fast, but they also have a lot of energy, and they recover quickly from injuries and illnesses. Older people on the other hand, have lower levels of HGH, which is why they often experience fatigue and cognitive problems, and they have a hard time recovering from injuries. However, while aging is a natural process, it doesn’t necessarily have to come with unpleasant health effects. HGH therapy is a way of naturally boosting the production of the human growth hormone, in order to help people, experience less of the unpleasant symptoms of old age. 

HGH Importance for Men

HGH is produced by both men and women, but it is particularly important for men. Healthy HGH levels keep the muscles and the bones healthy, helping men stay in shape and feel strong. It also affects the libido and the sexual performance. Moreover, it can also impact the body fat distribution. 

Symptoms of Low HGH

When the production of HGH starts decreasing, men start experience a series of unpleasant symptoms. From decreased strength and muscle mass, to low bone mass, low libido, poor sexual performance and weight gain, low levels of HGH can severely affect a man’s life. Low HGH levels can also lead to anxiety, depression and other emotional problems, as well as lethargy and aging skin. 

What is HGH Therapy

There are two types of HGH therapy. One therapy involves the administration of synthetic HGH. This synthetic hormone is hard for the body to absorb and process, but this therapy can be efficient, and it is usually applied when the hormonal unbalances are caused by a serious medical condition. The second type of HGH Therapy involvestricking the body into producing more of this vital hormone. This therapy is less invasive, and it is often used by older man to fight the symptoms of old age. It uses HGH peptides like Ibutamoren and Sermorelin. These peptides signal the body to boost its own production of the HGH. 

Therapy Benefits

By regulating the body’s production of the human growth hormone, this therapy can keep men strong and motivated, helping them go on with their lives, without being affected by old age. The most important benefits consist in the increased libido and improved sexual performance, improved strength, improved metabolism, healthier skin, improved cognitive functions and an overall revitalized health. 

How the Therapy Works

Hormone treatments can only be acquired on account of a prescription. In order to see if you qualify for this therapy, you will have to do a blood test. Based on the results of the test, if you qualify for therapy, you will be prescribed a treatment with a dosage suitable for your needs. If you go to a good clinic like GameDay Men’s Health, you will have the test done and receive the treatment in the same day. This clinic also has a very welcoming environment, resembling more of a man cave than a medical facility, so you will feel very comfortable there.

Therapy Risks

While this therapy is not very invasive, it does have some minor risks, since it involves messing with the delicate process of hormone production. Although these side effects are not very frequent, this therapy can sometimes lead to muscle pain, joint pain, fluid retention, skin numbness, high cholesterol and in extreme conditions, the carpal tunnel syndrome. Needless to say, it is essential to go to a good clinic, to make sure that you will be prescribed a treatment that will minimize these risks. Moreover, it is very important to apply the treatment as prescribed by the doctors, as abusing the treatment will increase the risk of side effects.




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