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How Alcohol Affects Your Body




Beer Bottles Clinked at Sunset in a Field

How Alcohol Affects Your Body
Alcohol is the only beverage that impacts the body negatively and is still widely accepted in our society. Although alcohol’s impact isn’t felt on the body as soon as you start drinking, it can escalate pretty quickly once you’re in too deep. If you have consumed alcohol, which is most likely as more than 85% of people have drunk alcohol at some point in their life, you might be familiar with some of the short-term effects of alcohol like headaches, hangovers, etc. You might think these effects are short-term and don't affect your body that much but that may not be the case.
Our body doesn’t like alcohol very much, which is why it intoxicates our body and its functioning. No matter if you drink only a beer or a glass of wine each day, alcohol will impact your body sooner or later. If you are an addict already, then you also might want to consider alcohol rehab for quick recovery. If you are someone researching alcohol and how it impacts our body, then you are at the right place. Here is how alcohol affects your body.
Short Term Effects
As soon as you drink alcohol, it goes into your body and starts mixing itself with your blood. Don’t worry, that is not the bad part as it gets filtered out by our body in a few hours. However, the amount of time it stays in our blood there are many temporary effects that your body goes through. Here are some of these effects that you might experience:
  • Drowsiness and feelings of relaxation are the primary symptoms of alcohol consumption. This is the reason why most people enjoy drinking alcohol and also why many people are addicted to it.
  • You can experience a change in your mood depending on how your mental state is. If you are having a good day, then alcohol might change your mood for good and you will feel a lot more fresh and happy. However, if you have a negative state of mind, then alcohol will further escalate your bad mood.
  • Lower inhibitions, impulsive behavior, and slowed or slurred speech are also some of the symptoms that many people experience.
  • If alcohol doesn’t sit well with your body, then you can experience nausea, vomiting, and even diarrhea and headache. This is mostly caused due to a bad diet before drinking or any illness that one might be going through.
The effects will start to develop just after a few drinks. It also depends on the alcohol toleration of a person for the effects to develop strongly or mildly. Almost everyone experiences dehydration after a night of heavy drinking, and you should try to drink as much water as possible after a big night.
Long Term Effects
If someone is drinking alcohol for a long time, the effects would be much more severe. The severity of these effects directly depends on the rate of consumption of alcohol by the person. They will lead to more lasting concerns if alcohol consumption isn’t kept in check. Here’s what your body will experience after drinking alcohol for a long period of time:
  • Increased anxiety and irritability are the most common symptoms in long-term drinkers. They tend to change their mood quite frequently and are generally short-tempered.
  • If the consumption is very heavy, then the body will have trouble settling in, and you will experience sleep concerns. Many alcohol addicts experience insomnia causing them to crave more alcohol and pushing them down the hole much deeper.
  • Alcohol causes your immune system to get weakened, this causes your body to not function against weaker bacteria and viruses. 
  • The libido of a person with heavy alcohol consumption is also affected negatively. Studies have seen irregular sexual functioning in alcohol addicts.
Alcohol affects your brain which causes it to perform differently than it should. This is why many people start having problems with memory and concentration. They also have difficulty focusing on tasks at hand which in turn causes them to have stress. 
The physical effects of alcohol can cause a severe breakdown of one’s body and induce issues that are hard to recover from. Inflammatory damage, increased sugar levels, and problems with livers are some of the common physical problems that you might face. Alcohol is something that should be kept in check no matter how attractive it may be.

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