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How Cannabis Oil Works To Kill Cancer




CBD Oil vial and pipette

Cannabis oil is highly valued for its therapeutic effect including relieving pain, easing anxiety, and reducing the side effects of cancer treatment through chemotherapy. Besides helping to provide symptom relief for cancer patients, cannabis oil has been touted for inhibiting the growth and at times killing cancer cells. This article delves into the subject.

Cannabis Can Inhibit Tumor Growth

Researchers at Amity University in India reviewed scientific literature surrounding the impact of chemicals from cannabis (cannabinoids) on various types of cancers. The review also looked at the anti-nausea, appetite-stimulating, and pain-relieving qualities of marijuana that make it a useful product for cancer patients.

The researchers noted that other than alleviating symptoms of chemotherapy side effects, cannabis has also exhibited potential in decelerating the growth of cancer cells and kills cancer cells in some instances. The review of a study featured in the Journal of Cancer Research and Therapeutics explained that in addition to exerting palliative effects, THC also portrays potential in the treatment of cancer growth, neurodegenerative diseases (Alzheimer’s and multiple sclerosis), and addiction to alcohol, thus the need to try it for possible benefits.

Something worth noting is that most of the studies that were reviewed did not involve human subjects (were based on in-vitro experiments) but instead used isolated human cells while others used mice.

CBD and THC Helped Those With Glioblastoma Survive Longer

The observation was that cannabinoids seemed to have an anti-growth effect and stimulated various apoptotic mechanisms, ultimately resulting in the death of the cancer cells connected with glioma, a destructive form of brain cancer. It was observed at least once that clinical trials showed that patients with glioblastoma multiforme who had a combination of THC and CBD administered to them in addition to a conventional pharmaceutical had a higher one-year survival rate (83%) compared to 53% among a placebo group.

Blood Cancer And Prostate Cancer

According to another study, the treatment of blood cancer cells with two synthetic endocannabinoids triggered receptors that played a crucial role in the death of the cancer cells or “mediating apoptosis.” Similar findings were observed in certain cell lines of prostate cancer. Growth of cancer cells was significantly slowed down, which was followed by apoptosis.

Cannabis For Lung, Breast, Oral, And Liver Cancers

There has not been much research conducted on the impact of cannabis on lung, oral, liver, and breast cancers. However, the researchers wrote about instances where mice that had certain types of lung cancers that were treated with THC and manifested a significant decrease in the subcutaneous tumor growth and lung metastasis. This was an indication of the effectiveness of THC as a treatment for lung cancer.

An oral cancer cell line that had portrayed high resistance to anticancer drugs showed an increase in inhibition of cellular respiration but had shown no effect when another conventional treatment option had been employed.

With the cannabis products showing great potential in treating cancers, their use should be considered, and you should always ensure that the products you are using are of high quality by buying from reliable sources such as Cannaflower.

Other Cannabinoids Also Have Potential

Although the primary focus has been on THC for cancer, the researchers found that other cannabinoids have shown promises of treating various cancer types. A case in point is where a synthetic compound (940 CBD) proved to be the most effective for limiting the increase and growth of a certain breast cancer cell line.

THC Derivatives Are Not Yet Pharmacologically Explored

Although there have been investigations on many cancer treatments, the researchers were of the view that the use of THC and their derivatives has not been explored pharmacologically because of their addictive nature. This is despite it emerging that the specific targeting of cannabinoid receptors can be employed to manage extreme side-effects over the course of chemotherapy. They can also be used in palliative care and cancer management.

The researchers noted that the legality of THC needed to be reconsidered since the research evidence on the cannabinoids has shown the potential of tumor-inhibiting and cancer cell suppressing properties. From the studies on cannabinoids receptors in relation to cancer, it was found that the psychoactive components of cannabinoids have shown that they can effectively inhibit tumor growth.

With the demonstration that the activation of CB1 and CB2 receptors can tend to limit human cancer cell growth, there is a possibility of a role of the endocannabinoid system as an innovative method for the treatment of cancers. There is a need for further research to see how cannabinoids can be used for effective cancer management. Moreover, a recent study corroborates the findings that cannabinoids can be used in the treatment of different cancers. This calls for serious consideration on their use and the need for further extensive research going forward.

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