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How Healthy Women Are Cornerstone Of Healthy Societies




Women Creating A Better Society

When we hear the word woman, the first image that pops up is of our mother or a working woman. If we compare the past few decades with this modern era, women were seen mostly as undervalued, and their efforts were also not well recognized. There are many countries today, where women are not living the best life as we do. You can find plenty of research reports highlighting the issues associated with women and their conditions in such countries. 

Thanks to the modernization that educating women is not a taboo anymore, and we have access to everything we want. Young girls and women of today have way more liberty then they had in the past. Women today have access to education, choose a career, and even choosing a life partner if they want.

The health of a man and woman has a significant impact on society in the long run. Since ages, women and young children’s health have been a concern. The reason for that is women’s health has never got a priority. Had they been getting proper care and attention, we must have seen a decline in their mortality and disease rates. Many factors hold women back from enjoying quality health services and opportunities. Some of them are unequal autonomy, sociocultural factors banning education and career opportunities, and exposure to physical, mental, and domestic violence. If we see a part of the picture as happy and progressing, we cannot deny that women are living in the worst conditions.

In every field of education, you can see women studying and learning, along with men. Women who are into social work, often enroll in Masters in public health online programs in different universities. Women acquiring education in public health can guide their health and educate them about health and hygiene. Let us explore a few aspects of how healthy women can contribute to society.

    1. Mentally Healthy 

Women often undergo a lot of familial and societal pressure that results in some mental disturbances. Underprivileged societies lack the concept of mental health, or seeking therapy is no less than a taboo. Women go through a lot of troubles and cannot express what is bothering them. If we ignore women’s and children’s mental health, it will result in a society loaded with crime, violence, and suicides. 

Educated women or those working as social workers can help revive the mental health of women and counsel them to cope with their mental stress. Working women can easily access their office counselors or therapist to overcome their issues. Still, those living in slums have no help unless someone visits them and perform assessments on them.

    2. Reduced Mortality Rate

When women have access to education and basic knowledge about health and hygiene, they can look after themselves better. In underdeveloped countries, many NGOs have started many projects focusing on the health and well-being of women and children. Every year approximately 800 woman dies because of complications due to childbirth. The reason for difficulties is frequent childbirths, abortions, and malnutrition. We can prevent these complications by educating women about their pregnancy routines, how to take care of their health in this period, or by arranging medical camps that address these gynecological issues.

Women can shape or deform a society as they are the bearers of next-generation, i.e., kids. Women have been getting an education, making careers, leading businesses, and even some are leading countries today. These women working on such fronts can contribute a lot to the betterment of a healthy society.

    3. Women’s Education

An educated woman can nurture a better society than the one who was not allowed to turn her educational dreams into reality. Let’s face this bitter fact that besides living in the 21st century, we women are still struggling to access fundamental human rights. Health and education are some of the fundamental rights of every human. Making efforts for women’s education can lead to a positive contribution to a child’s health and health.  Studies have proven that a mother who has a primary education level can take care of her infants better. A well-educated healthy woman will nurture a healthy child. Even if she cannot afford school, she can homeschool her kid and help him towards a better society.

    4. Addressing Ailments

Females are more prone to cancers, and breast cancer is the second leading cause of death in females. Such ailments can attack any female, but those who are living in underprivileged areas, or struggling to make both ends meet, often withdraw from treatments and therapies. They quit because of fewer resources and expensive medical bills. The government can help these women by introducing such policies that can offer relief in the expenses of such diseases or take the screening data to detect illness. Many women are into tobacco or alcohol use, which leads them astray from their health and their child’s health.

    5. Removing Social Barriers

Many times women are left behind due to social norms and cultural pressures. Education and enabling women can help them break the stereotypes to make way for their females. It has become quite okay to see women working and running families. In some areas, there are still blockades holding women and societies in the long run away from betterment. Promoting women’s education in communities helps a lot overcome the social obstacles and breaks the surface for other females to get inspiration and break the cycle.


Women are a significant part of our society. They are the homemakers and future mothers. Spending some efforts on their well-being today will lead to better and healthy communities. Healthy communities are less prone to crime and violence. When every individual is healthy and possesses a sane cognitive ability, they tend towards beneficial actions instead of harming society. Addressing the root causes that are creating issues in efforts is necessary. You cannot treat a disease without knowing it at the base. Women can shape better societies if they get access to all the rights and equal opportunities.


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