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How Much Water Should You Take Each Day?




Water poured into a glass from a bottle

We all know the importance of water, and you do not have to be a scientist to know it is one of the vital elements our bodies require each day. Basic biology tells us that 60% of the average person's body weight is made up of water, which makes it a central component required for a whole range of metabolic functions. The necessity to maintain the optimum balance of the body is one we face every day as we continuously lose water through the simple acts of breathing, sweating, and urinating. As a result, the question we are all faced with is how much water we must consume daily to maintain our health and wellbeing?

This bugging question has led to several studies where scientists have considered vital elements and used them to calculate the average amount of water required by each person every day. However, the standard recommendations best illustrated by the "eight glasses per day" suggestion are ill-placed since not everyone’s body has the same factors used for the all-inclusive calculations. The notable differences between people even of the same age and gender have as a result called for the need for tailored solutions. 

Consequently, the ultimate formula used that takes into account all vital parameters to calculate the recommended water intake is now within reach of everyone. Right from the comforts of any location, you can maximize on the powers of the water intake calculator to determine the right levels of water consumption for your own body's demands. The joys of having a tailored solution are you never have to stick to the standardized standards which in most instances are not suited for your current requirements. Instead, you will have a calculation that is pre-designed for your wellbeing as it takes into account specific metabolic requirements based on a range of factors.

Key Factors Used For Calculating Your Recommended Water Intake

•    Total Daily Energy Expenditure. Extensive research has evidence-based energy requirements for different age groups which remain broadly similar in almost all conditions. The amount of energy is measured in kilocalories (kCal) with the amount of water needed for different levels measured in mil/kCal. 

•    Age Group. The human body has special requirements at different ages making this a vital element for water intake calculation. The different categories used for the calculation are similar to those medically recommended by regulating bodies and medical researchers whose studies have resulted in the formulation of estimated fluid intakes per day.

•    Gender. On average men require more water intake compared to women given their body metabolism. 

•    Activity Levels. Individuals who participate in exercises often sweat a lot and have increased functionalities of their cells and organs which call for more water intake. 

•    Special Conditions (Notably Pregnancy For Women). Pregnant women are typically advised to take more water which is suitable not only for their wellbeing but that of the growing baby. The online calculator takes into account this vital element when determining the right levels of water to consume.

The importance of knowing the right levels of water to consume is to have the knowledge in taking better care of your body. Of course, this does not mean ignoring your natural demands as the body uses thirst as a mechanism to indicate you need to drink more.


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