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How Technology Has Transformed The Game of Baseball




Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park

Advancements in technology have seen vast improvements in the world of sport, providing more accurate results, data analysis, and fan interaction with the players. There are a few key advancements in technology which have been utilized in the game of baseball in the Major Baseball League and can be enjoyed by professionals, fans and players alike. 
    Tech to Help Improve Your Game
You may be wondering what tech, which has assisted the major players, can also be used by fans and those who simply enjoy the game, but who do not play professionally or full time. A key player most recently in the Boston Red Sox’s success has been aided by the development of their propriety information system. Through accurate data analysis, simulations provide projected win-loss records, projected runs for and against, and the probabilities regarding whether each team will make the post-season. The variables the technology can work with include innings, cuts, baserunners, and the score. Of course, some factors cannot be included in the simulation, such as individual batter probabilities, fielding, the weather, the umpire and handedness. Despite this, simulations can assist baseball players in their preparation for the game. 
For those wanting to get involved at home, players can enjoy Diamond Mind Baseball online, which involves realistic simulations, and allows gamers to play individual games that include features such as historical players, tournaments, career projections and manager profiles. The game engine provides players with accurate data and transparent results, with the opportunity to play entire seasons. 
What are the benefits of simulation?
Simulation allows users to gain a greater understanding of real-time decisions. It can be used to improve skills, learn from errors and consider a strategy for tactical advantage in gameplay. 
All the theory in the world cannot prepare you for actual gameplay, however, working on your decision-making skills can be incredibly helpful. Knowledge in action is what can be improved through simulation, and can prepare you for real gameplay more effectively than discussion and practice alone. 
On the Field 
Meanwhile, technology is also assisting players in the field with their gameplay, tactics, strategy and general success. To keep up with demand, the baseball team Boston Red Sox adopted a forward-thinking, innovative approach to how to connect with fans a few years back by installing ball park-wide Wi-Fi. This decision was made as the team previously had limited Wi-Fi, and the team saw it as an opportunity to improve how technology could aid their overall appeal and success as a baseball team. 
The benefits of ball park Wi-Fi include: 
  • Improved interconnectivity
  • An easy way to collect fan data 
  • A way to deliver more targeted, technology-driven customer experience 
Fans are often encouraged to share their experiences of game play live via social media, thus giving the Red Sox wider coverage and encouraging a stronger relationship between players and fans. 
Mobile devices are now the main way fans can connect with baseball, and with fans registering for Wi-Fi using credentials for their social media and email addresses, data could now be collected and therefore analysed to provide the building blocks for mobile offerings, in-app features and ways to entice fans to come to games in tricky weather conditions, for example. The app also assists fans with concession wait times and bathroom wait times, and is a great example of how technology can be utilized in the game of baseball for the benefit of both players and fans.


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