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How to Advance Your Career With Further Education




A stack of textbooks

Whether you are an undergraduate looking to continue your path of study in higher education or a professional considering studying at university, you are not alone. This is because over the last five years, we have seen more and more students battling for a place in further education than ever before, and there are a number of reasons for this.

Due to the turbulent state of the economy worldwide and therefore a challenging job market, it means it’s more important than ever to make sure you are on top of your game and very employable to your current employer and future ones too. It can be the reason you get your dream job, however there are no guarantees that further study will cause this to happen. The best reason to take on more study is just because you love to study and are stimulated by academic study.

Sharpening Your Skills

By strengthening your skill set, you are up-skilling as you are acquiring the expertise you will need for professional areas such as accounting and mental health. By choosing further education you are not only improving on your knowledge you already need to hold down your current job, but you are also showing employers that you are focused and disciplined as taking on further study in later life is not as easy and carefree as it was when you were 18!

Choose Wisely

If you want to promote yourself within your current role and learn new information about that, then taking on a further degree such as a Master's is ideal. However, there are some people that want to change their career direction and feel that further study on top of what they already have will be the best path to getting the career they really want.

Make sure you fully research what each course entails and how it will benefit your potential career change. Also perhaps speak  to careers advisors at your chosen University if you are unsure of the direction you want to go as there is such a vast choice of further education, it would be terrible if you studied for a course that ultimately had no relevance to your further career.

Fitting It In

You have to find a course that is suitable and convenient to your professional development and one that you will find enjoyable too as studying for a course you have little or no passion for can be very hard work.

Marian University online have excellent courses that can be accessed through their online programs and offer a great deal of flexibility for further studying. Whether you choose a traditional 15-week semester course, a 7 week accelerated program or a flexible program schedule; there are an array of courses suited to help with professional development and ones that can be fitted in around your current role and personal life.

This is paramount as a normal University course may not be suitable to professionals that are spending 10 hours a day at the office then have family commitments to deal with at the weekend. But, having an online course means that it can be tailored around that persons needs and allowing them to still study.

There is a lot of devotion needed to commit to further education, especially as you will already be limited to what you can do thanks to work hours. But by finding the right course and one that can fit in around your needs means that potentially the sky is the limit as far as your career goes!


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