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How To Get Clean and Healthy in Time For Summer




Man in yoga pose on the beach

If you always dream of self- improvement and being in the best health in time for the summer months but find it hard to follow your new diet and eating habits through, then get ready for a change for the better this year. You might have already heard of the clean eating lifestyle and thought that it was a bit of a fad, but there are some elements that you can take from this phenomenon that can work for your benefit also. From incorporating more clean foods into your diet to eating less high-sugar and artificial flavors, getting clean and healthy in time for the summer months does not take that much effort. However, you will need to prep your kitchen and store cupboards so that you can stick and meet your nutrition goals.

Diet and Vitamins

Getting a dream, summer body does not just happen in the gym. If you want to slim down, shape up or even make just a few changes in time for the summer, then you will need to re-haul your diet first.  Most Americans struggle to understand that you need to be eating higher levels of fats and proteins to ensure that you can build muscles and slim down your overall body fat content. If you want to ensure that your brainpower stays sharp, and you have bags of energy so that you can tackle your daily workouts and work/life balance, then you may need to check just exactly what is going onto your plate and in your lunch box. Be sure to check the amount of Omega 3 that you are currently consuming in your diet, as these can help with your energy levels and immune system. Oily fish, such as tuna and salmon, and raw nuts are high in these nutrients, and you can use them to create some delicious dishes for you to enjoy at home or while you are on the go. Next, make sure that you are getting enough levels of Vitamin D, not just by getting outside in the sunshine, as this can help with your overall happy, endorphins and supports various functions across the body. Finally, if you suffer from bloating, or feel that you get uncomfortable after eating, then the digestive enzyme levels in your stomach could need some attention – so be sure to choose food groups that are filled with gut-busting enzymes. Eat a diet that is high in fiber, providing you with what you need, ensuring that you have a regular and optimal digestion process. Finally, check that you are taking some probiotics to ensure that the gut flora levels are kept working in your favor. By making these changes to your diet and eating habits, you are bound to notice a difference in your overall mood and metabolism rates. 

Healthy Body and Mind

Now that you have paid enough attention to your diet, and made a few clean and nutritional changes for the better, then you can start to pay attention to your body and mind. If you are looking to get up and active, then you need to ensure that you start slow and book to a see a specialist if you are suffering from any recurring aches and pains. Make sure that you also tell your health practitioner of any other issues that you feel could be holding you back, or that are causing concern. Once you have completed your check up, then you are ready to go and get active. Be sure to explore and try out different exercise and work out regimes so that you can find the right option that works best for you and your body type. If you want to work up a sweat and get strong and active, then consider going on a hike or even take part in high intensity or interval training classes, to build and tone all of your muscle groups. Consider alternative exercises and stretches such as those in Yoga or Pilates to enable your muscles to become long and lean, and allow them time to recover in between your tough, high-level workouts. Finally, make sure that you give your body time to recover and do not forget to enjoy your rest days also. 

Once you have paid attention to your body, it is vital that you check in with your own mental health also. If you find yourself constantly feeling stressed and overwhelmed, then consider techniques such as meditation to help you to deal with your overactive thoughts and ensure that you can remain realistic and positive. You could also try out techniques such as Mindfulness, that teach you to live more in the now and act in the present and informed way, to help you to feel like you remain in control. If you or a member of your family is suffering from alcohol or substance abuse and you feel that it is getting out of control, then Indiana drug rehab centers can provide a safe environment for recovery. Make sure that if you have a loved one that is struggling with substance abuse that they are provided with the care and attention that they need to aid them on the long road to recovery. Try not to be judgmental and be sure to provide a safe and accepting space in which you can all talk through any issues or concerns that you feel are impacting your mental health.

If you are trying to get clean and healthy in time for summer, then you need to make sure that you begin by focusing your attention on improving your diet and incorporating more proteins and nutrients into your meal plans. Be sure to get up and active, and make sure that you see a health professional first, to check that you have no other underlying issues. Finally, do not forget to give your mental health the attention that it needs. Make sure that you take time to slow down and reduce your stress levels. You are now well on the way to enjoying a healthier and happier new you in time for summer.

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