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How to Get Rid of Forehead Wrinkles, Naturally




Smiling middle-aged couple with few forehead wrinkles

Nowadays, wrinkles are a big issue, not only for elderly people but also for the younger generations. Every other youth can be prone to wrinkles due to so many reasons like stress, dehydration, excessive exposure to the sun, smoking and consumption of alcohol. 

Every year people spend a tremendous amount of cash to get rid of and wrinkles or to delay them. But did you know you can do that without much cost using natural products? Let’s find out how. 

1. Coconut Oil 

Everybody knows that coconut oil works magically for hair, but it also works effectively in keeping your skin crystal clear and youthful. All it requires to do it is, take a few drops of warm virgin coconut oil on your fingertips and gently treat your forehead by the massaging the oil int your skin while relaxing. Make it your daily night routine, and let the oil provide its effects overnight.

Coconut oil will help your wrinkles disappear as effectively as any anti-aging cream. 

Why coconut oil? Coconut oil moisturizes and removes impurities from the skin. It also acts as an antioxidant to help combat free radicals which are involved in the aging process and the formation of wrinkles. 

2. Castor Oil 

Why invest in costly measures when you can have flawless skin with castor oil? Just like how you proceeded with coconut oil, you can massage your forehead with castor oil to see even better results. Since castor oil is very viscous, you can also mix it with coconut oil to make it easier to work with and for better absorption by your skin. Wait until the oil gets absorbed into the skin, but remember, consistency is vital for this method. 

Castor oil conditions your skin making it soft, supple and wrinkle free! 

3. Citrus Fruits

Adding a big boost of vitamin C through your diet (and directly) will change your skin forever. Citrus fruits are the best source of obtaining dietary vitamin C. It is also very simple to add it to your skincare routine.

Take a few drops of lemon juice, add it to your moisturizer, and apply it to your face. As with most remedies discussed it works best when done before sleeping at night. If you have sensitive skin, you can also take a few drops of lemon and mix it with water, and spray it onto your face. Wash it off as soon as it dries.

If you feel a slight tingling sensation, it is completely normal. But if it is burning too much, then it is best to substitute lemon juice with orange, as these also contain a good amount of Vitamin C. In the highly unlikely event that burning persists or you develop skin irritation, you should of course consult your doctor or a local pharmacist.

Vitamin C helps to get rid of any wrinkles and fades away blemishes or any imperfections. Being a weak natural bleaching agent, it also helps to get rid of that stubborn tanned face - white body look, so that's an additional bonus! 

4. Egg White and Aloe Vera Gel 

Both egg white and Aloe Vera gel are very rich sources of vitamin E which nourishes epithelial (skin) cells. All you have to do is to mix both the ingredients in the ratio of 2:1 which is two spoons of aloe Vera gel and one spoon of egg white in a bowl, and give you're face a gentle massage. Wait for the mixture to get absorbed by your skin. You should notice a change in about three to four months as new healthier skin cells develop. 

You can even use this mixture if you have sensitive skin, as egg and Aloe Vera are natural and extremely mild skincare products; without the chemical cocktail of most synthetic cosmetic products. 

5. Honey and Petroleum Jelly 

Application of both these ingredients will maintain the tone and texture of your skin. A face pack is perfect if you have dry and dehydrated skin. The honey and petroleum jelly pack can be applied and left on your face for about 10 to 15 minutes. Wash off the face pack with cold water after this period. Doing so regularly will help to clean and moisturize your skin. 

6. Flaxseed Oil

I’m sure all of you have heard about flax seeds (also known as linseeds), and that they work amazingly for hair growth, but consuming flaxseed oil proves magical in preventing aging, and gives your skin a healthy glow. You don’t need a big amount of oil, and just a tablespoon is sufficient enough. Consume it every night after dinner with milk, and it could help you remain looking youthful with glowing skin.

7. Avoid Consumption of Alcohol and Tobacco 

Consumption of alcohol dehydrates your body along with your skin. So, if you want healthy skin, you must avoid alcohol. Tobacco, of course, is also dangerous and harmful to skin and vital organs.

If you’re very conscious about your skincare, then put all these remedies to work. Try acne diet and acne body wash to enhance the process of removing forehead wrinkles; while you also stay away from toxic substances and wave them goodbye. 

It will take time to show results, but these methods are safe without any known side effects, and the positive results are likely to be lasting. Give your skin some time to repair itself and leave the rest up to these simple remedies. Don’t give up and keep taking care of your skin, and it will be as soft as a newborn baby's.



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