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Your liver is one of the most important organs of your body that plays an active role in keeping your body functional and healthy. Unfortunately, liver related problems and diseases are getting more common each day in every age groups. Most of the times the culprit behind various liver-related issues is the unhealthy life choices that we make on a daily basis. Fatty liver, fluctuating or abnormally high level of bilirubin and hepatitis are some of the most common liver-related issues that people across the globe are struggling with in some cases, these issues can also worsen to become life-threatening. If you wish to maintain a healthy body, it is very important that your liver is functioning properly and is completely healthy. Here are a few ways how you can keep your liver healthy. 

Eat Healthily

One of the most common problems related to the liver is fatty liver. When a layer of excess fat gets settled over your liver, it stops functioning properly and you often find yourself falling sick and vomiting here and there. The best way to avoid this is to eat healthily. One of the key culprits behind the fatty liver are all those fried hams, burgers and fries that you cannot live without. Ditch all of them and add more salads and vegetables to your lifestyle. Have fiber-rich meals to improve your digestive system.


Enroll yourself in a fitness program. It will not only make your body toned and bring it in shape but will also keep your liver extremely healthy.


While exercise is the best thing you can do to your liver, many fitness freaks and bodybuilders take steroids in order to improve their stamina and speed up muscle growth. These steroids essentially provide supplements to the body that help to produce extra enzymes such as amino acids which help in muscle growth. Unfortunately, injectable steroids affect the liver in a negative way. It is highly recommended that you protect your liver with TUDCA instead of relying on injectable steroids.

Avoid Drugs and Alcohol

The biggest detrimental effect that substance abuse and alcohol has it that it completely screws up your liver and can often lead to a fatal condition. That can be avoided by ditching alcohol and abuse of illicit drugs. Drugs and alcohol have a direct effect on the liver every time you use them. If you cannot quit it completely, keep it to a bare minimum level.

Taking Unprescribed Medicines

Many people think they have enough skills to treat themselves every time they suffer from viral fever. Often they consume ibupoufen or other such medicines without a prescription (altough they are available over-the-counter). These medicines have been known to affect the liver in a negative manner. You can protect your liver by avoiding all these medicines. 

Stay Away from Toxins

Toxins such as pesticides or aerosols can have adverse effects on your liver since they can destroy liver cells (hepatocytes).

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