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How VR Is Changing The World Of Surgery




Hi-tech operating theater

Virtual Reality has become quite a big topic in a variety of business sectors. What once was known just as a mere gaming-related technology is moving, today more than ever, towards a variety of business sectors which are not explicitly "tech-friendly". A big example of Virtual Reality's recent applications in unorthodox sectors would definitely be when connected to surgery as a whole. Surgeons training has always been extremely expensive due to the fact that the tools required to train them for complicated surgeries are often over budgeting other training expenses. Let's analyse this matter in more detail. 

How VR For Surgery Normally Operates 

Virtual reality environments for surgeon training are all (pretty much) working in the same way. Normally, peripherals like Oculus or Htc Vive are used to immerse the candidate into a real-life simulation of a surgery scenario which may happen. The peripheral is connected to an extremely powerful processing machine which (generally with a simple AI) imitates all the possible scenarios which can happen during the surgery's process (a faulty tool, an allergic reaction and similar). 

Normally, this type of training is done in complex facilities and ultra-expensive colleges, but it will definitely become an industry-standard in the nearest future. 

Technologies Used 

Vr for surgeons training isn't easy to explain from a technological point of view, but dissecting which technologies are used could give you a clearer picture in regards to how this (for now) very niche sector will evolve in the nearest future. The most used piece of technology in regards to VR for surgery is related to SLAM (Simultaneous Localization And Mapping), which is a VR framework that translates what's happening in the real world in the digital simulation. Being relatively new, it's something which will still receive a lot of changes in the nearest future, but, given its usage, it will definitely set. 

The Evolution 

VR surgery is going to go mobile in the nearest future. "With the usage of mobile terminals students will be able to prepare their training sessions on the go," said an app developers team in the UK. The world of app development in London has been valuing a variety of health sectors but the one which connects VR to surgery has definitely become bigger and bigger. 

We can safely say that the evolution of the entire health section is pretty much technology-based, and we can also confirm that VR will be a pillar in such evolution.




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