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How Your Health Changes as You Age




An old lady holding her great-grandchild's hand

One of the inevitable things about life is that you get older. This means that not only your body starts to change, but your outlook on life and the things you like and dislike will also change. However, just because you get older doesn't mean that you can't look after yourself and keep your body in as good a condition as possible. Here are some ways your body and health can change as you get older, and what you can do to try to lessen the effects. 

Your Mental Health

Your mind is something that can change quite a lot as you get older. For example, things you might have believed when you were younger can be different as you become more experienced. Also, as you get older, you can sometimes become more forgetful. Although for most people this can be minor, there can, of course, be other conditions that can bring on the loss of memory such as Alzheimer's. As people get to old age, they can also sometimes suffer from loneliness and depression, especially if they're living on their own. To overcome this, it's important that you try to keep your mind active. There are many ways that you can tackle oncoming Alzheimer’s, and you can read more here about the benefits of alternative methods to counteract the effects of Alzheimer’s. 

Changes to Your Hair

One of the changes that start to take place in your twenties and thirties is graying hair. While some people start to turn gray early in their life, for others, it can take a lot longer. Along with the gray, your hair can become finer and more brittle, so it's important that you look after it as much as possible. Over-washing can make the situation worse, so try to keep your hair washing to maybe twice a week. It can also be worth taking supplements that can help strengthen your hair. 

Changes to Your Sleep

When you were young, sleep can be one of those things that you can spend most of your day doing. However, as you get older, this can start to change quite rapidly, to the point where it's very different to how it was before. For example, the National Sleep Foundation found that as you age, it takes longer for you to fall asleep. It's also noted that the REM sleep and deeper sleep becomes less than it was when you were younger. You may also find that you start to wake up more during the night, either because you need to go to the toilet, or simply because you're not sleepy. There are ways you can try to improve your quality of sleep, such as avoiding caffeine drinks in the evening and doing more activity during the day.


When you were young, your immune system was developing and becoming stronger. As you get older, your immune system will start to change again. This could manifest itself in the way you react to allergies and intolerances. For example, you may find you become more allergic to things that you never were before, and the things that made you react when you were younger no longer applies. You need to be aware of such allergies and monitor how they make you feel. If you develop any serious allergies, then you need to seek medical advice. 

Your Bones

You start to find many changes to your body as you get older and one of these can be your bones. Some people start to find that their posture changes as the cartilage in their joints starts to deteriorate. You may also find that your bones become less strong, which can be as a result of hormone changes or lack of calcium. For this reason, it’s important that you see your doctor, so they can decide on appropriate treatment. The best way to prevent these problems from occurring is to make sure you’re getting plenty of calcium in your diet when you're younger and also to ensure that you don't suffer any serious hormone changes. 

Your Tastes Change

If you've ever wondered why things never taste quite the same as they did when you were a kid, there's a reason for that. The nerves that serve your taste buds get older just like the rest of you; this means that your taste perception alters. Also, you can start to suffer from reduced saliva flow, and also a reduced sense of smell particularly after the age of 70. It means that while some people report a liking of sweet things more than before, others begin to like stronger spicy flavors. It's a good reason to try things that you didn't like previously as you get older in case you suddenly find your tastes have changed and you actually like it now. 

Your Weight

Many people find as they get older, they start to put on weight, although this doesn't necessarily mean anything in terms of age, it can become an issue because of lack of mobility. As you get older, you start to slow down, and because of injuries or aches and pains, you might not be doing as much exercise as you did before. However, if you continue to eat the same, then you will start to put on weight, and because of your lack of exercise, it can be difficult to then lose that weight afterward. To try and counter this, you need to start revising what you’re eating to ensure you're not taking in more calories than you are able to burn. It can also help to try to maintain a certain level of exercise to help with your joints and also to maintain a steady weight. 

Although getting older can be a scary and unpredictable experience, there are still many things to look forward too. Even though your body might be changing, not all these will be for the worse. If you can try to maintain a healthy body and mind, you can easily keep going well into old age.


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