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Influencing Your Krebs Cycle




Man and woman in sports clothing stretching offby Helena Ederveen

The process of converting carbohydrates, fats and proteins into water and carbon dioxide in order to provide the body with energy is called the Krebs Cycle. This is a vital physiological process specific to every cell, but many are not aware of it. It is an important function of every cell.

In response to severe inflammation, mitochondria, which are the powerhouses of the cell, cannot produce energy due to the buildup of excess nitric acid in them. Alpha Ketoglutarate combines with nitrogen from the nitric acid and directs it out of the body, thus reducing its harmful effects. Alpha Ketoglutarate thus helps the mitochondria to produce energy resulting in an increased energy level. This is just one of the many benefits . In order to know the other benefits, and how increasing the levels of AKG in the body could help, read on:

- It prevents cataracts in diabetics. Loss of vision in diabetics is caused when glucose molecules attach themselves to proteins. This process cannot take place in the presence of AKG.

- Vigorous activity produces plasma ammonia and blood lactates, due to which athletes feel drained and tired. AKG supplements help to reduce the production of such substances and enables athletes to get instant spurts of energy for short distance athletics such as sprinting and high jumps. The correct sportswear can also influence athletic performance so sports gear reviews are always worth reading.

- Chronic fatigue is actually a health disorder and not a normal occurrence. One of the major causes of chronic fatigue is decreased mitochondrial function. In such persons, the intake not only facilitates the direct production of energy but also improves the functioning of the mitochondria to provide the body with energy. It therefore makes more energy available to the individual.

- The Krebs Cycle is a process that requires a lot of energy. It therefore cannot take place when the body is low on energy. This means that in order to make energy available through the Krebs Cycle, the body must have a certain amount of energy in first place. This energy is provided by AKG from supplements, which removes the hindering nitric acid and increases the oxygen retaining ability of mitochondria, resulting in energy production.This newly produced energy fuels the Krebs Cycle, which in turn produces more energy and more AKG.

- Diabetics who have been prescribed insulin therapy are highly benefitted by it Insulin helps cells to use up glucose for energy production, and AKG enhances the functioning of insulin. Therefore diabetics can maintain their sugar level by taking less external insulin. Excess of external insulin can result in complications leading to low blood sugar or hypoglacemia.

- It stops protein binding, which causes health complications and ages the body. Protein binding takes place in people with high levels of blood sugar, and those prescribed with a refined carbohydrate diet. Protein binding occurs when sugar molecules combine with proteins that are required by the body, rendering them inactive and useless to the body.

- Certain ailments pressurize the heart. It enables the heart muscles to produce enough energy in order to sustain the pressure put by such ailments, thus preventing further complications.

- AKG helps the heart to put up with the pressures of aggressive sports, thus increasing the heart's functioning ability and enhancing athletic performance.

- Over exertion of muscles result in the build-up of lactic acid in them, leading to burning sensation and discomfort. It also reduces this production of lactic acid, thus reducing discomfort and aiding muscle repair.

- In addition to its energy-increasing abilities, AKG also aids the excretion of toxic substances from the body. Toxic substances such as Ammonia, if allowed to freely exist in the system, produce adverse effects. Physical strain and chronic tiredness increase the level of Ammonia. Ammonia prevents the ability of mitochondria to produce AKG. To avoid such a situation, it must be taken as a supplement.
AKG from supplements combines with Ammonia and help detoxify the tissues. This increases the Alpha Keta Glutarate production, which in turn helps release enough energy required for the Krebs Cycle. This means that in order to enhance the natural production of energy-releasing AKG (which is required for the Krebs Cycle), an intake of these supplements is necessary.

- It aids the liver function. The liver works hard to convert fat-soluble toxins into a water-soluble form and excretes them through the urine and bile. AKG eases this pressure on the liver.

- It counters formation of cataracts in the eyes. Cataracts are formed by changes in the crystalline structure of the lens. It also corrects problems associated with eye movement inabilities.

- Apart from the above-mentioned comprehensive list of benefits, it also fights free radicals as it is an antioxidant. Therefore AKG supplements serve a multiple purpose and help solve various health problems.

Recently, the University of Queensland conducted a study that demonstrated the effects of AKG supplements on cyclists as compared to the conventional amino acid supplements. In a day, the cyclists were given four liters of water containing amino acid supplements and made to cycle till exhausted. At a later date, the cyclists were put through the same test, but this time using these supplements. It was found that there was a marked improvement in their performance by 6 to 8%, which is quite substantial when it comes to sports.

These supplements come in the form of capsules which should be taken before meals. Initially a 1 gm capsule taken once a day should be sufficient. The dosage may be gradually increased to 2 capsules taken thrice daily by the end of two weeks. The capsules must be taken as prescribed, otherwise they may not produce the desired result. On achieving the desired result, the dosage may be reduced to one capsule taken twice or thrice daily.

These supplements are known to be generally safe and do not produce any adverse side effects. The slightest discomfort caused as a result of taking AKG should be reported to the physician.

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