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Information On The Effects Of Taking Modafinil




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Modafinil, also referred to as Provigil, has a following as a 'smart drug' used in some instances to improve performance on complex tasks drawn out for extended periods. It boasts being capable of enhancing the decision-making process along with planning skills. 
The drug has approval through the Food and Drug Administration or the FDA. It is available by prescription to serve as a treatment for those suffering from sleep disorders, including narcolepsy. As a stimulating drug, it promotes alertness and wakefulness.  Look for all you need to know on sites like Modafinil Now
But it is also abused illegally as a 'cognitive enhancement' in certain environments deemed highly competitive such as within colleges and corporations. 
Understanding The Drug Modafinil
Modafinil is a stimulant medication that has benefits most commonly for treating the symptoms associated with sleep and wakefulness disorders. It has the FDA approval for treating conditions of excessive daytime sleepiness or narcolepsy, chronic fatigue, shift-work sleep disorder, and obstructive sleep apnea. The only way to obtain the drug and legally use it is through a doctor's prescription.
Some, unfortunately, find ways to get the drug illegally and abuse the substance with the claims that it is capable of enhancing cognition, increases physical energy in cases of athletic training, elevates mood, or relieves symptoms such as 'brain fog.' There is insubstantial evidence for the claims. However, the abuse grows significantly among students and professional business people with the belief that the compound can 'improve focus' and 'enhance their attention.'
More athletes are employing the drug as part of their training program, which ultimately led to an official ban through the 'World Anti-Doping Agency or WADA.' Find out the addictive characteristics at
Side Effects For Modafinil
Most of the scientific evidence is supportive of Modafinil's overall effectiveness and safety when used under the direction of a qualified medical practitioner with a prescription. The proof is substantiated by the FDA approval given for precise and particular medical use.
Still, with any drug, there is the potential for experiencing adverse effects of which you should be mindful. If you have any reaction or the development of symptoms while taking Modafinil, you should immediately let the doctor know.
Severe side effects deemed to be the most common include:
  • Elevation in heart rate or tachycardia
  • Dizziness
  • Agitation
  • Anxiety
Mild-moderate side effects of a more long-term basis such as:
  • Headaches
  • Anxiety or Nervousness
  • Nausea
  • Insomnia
In rare cases, the FDA published instances of Modafinil-induced 'Stevens-Johnson Syndrome or SJS,' which is an allergic reaction of the skin that has the potential to be life-threatening. There is the possibility, as with most drugs, for this compound to interact with the effects of other medications causing significant health concerns. This risk can be drastically reduced through the supervision of a health professional and disclosing your current regimen of drugs and supplements before beginning a new substance as well as pre-existing health conditions. Some contraindications will prevent the use of Modafinil due to an increase in the risk of adverse effects or negative reactions. These include:
  • Heart disease, uncontrolled hypertension, left ventricular hypertrophy, recent heart attack, unstable angina.
  • Kidney and liver impairment - typically, these are manageable, but the dose needs adjusting.
  • Tic disorders including Tourette's with the potential for worsening through stimulants such as this.
Modafinil Dependence And Tolerance
As compared to other psychostimulant drugs, including amphetamines, the drug claims to offer a low abuse potential. The indication is mere that it deems relatively safer than other drugs in its category. It is not implying that Modafinil is without risk. The low risk is in consideration of those who are taking it with a prescription under licensed medical practitioner guidelines.
The illegal abuse of any psychoactive drug, including this compound, will significantly raise the risk of developing an addiction, dependence, or tolerance to the substance. And that is why illegal use is highly discouraged.
With Modafinil, the interaction with the dopamine transporter deems 'atypical,' not inducing the 'euphoria' or other psychological effects that would bring cause for people to abuse it. The claim is this could be one of the reasons for the low abuse potential as compared to other dopamine-acting drugs including cocaine and amphetamines.
Modafinil And Overdosing
It is possible to overdose with Modafinil which has the potential for severe health consequences. The overdose risk is minimal, again, if following a prescription and monitoring from a physician. There are reports of cases of overdose, however, with a variety of symptoms noted.
  • Headache of a severe nature
  • Insomnia
  • Dyskinesia or impairment of movement
  • Moderate heart complications
These symptoms did not result in long-term damage to any vital organs and subsided in only a matter of a couple of days. There are very few instances of this happening, so the recommendation is to be highly cautious, making sure to take the drug as directed with excessive doses avoided. Follow here for an overview of the compound.
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Modafinil isn't a cure for sleep disorders and isn't intended to take the place of getting enough sleep. It isn't a drug for those not suffering from a sleep disorder to use for tiredness or to hold off on rest. It's not clear how it works to keep people awake but claims to affect substances within the brain that are responsible for controlling the sleep/wake cycle.

The takeaway is that this is a drug that you should employ by way of a prescription received by a doctor who will then monitor throughout its use. And you should follow those instructions carefully to ensure the best results for your needs.

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