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Jacksonville Dentistry Experts Explain What You Need To Know About Tooth Fillings




Dental Jaw And Tooth Mould

As we all know, having a white and wonderful smile is a great cause of good self-esteem. Especially if your teeth have taken a beating from years of chewing toffee, consuming sugars, and biting on hard food. Luckily, modern dentistry techniques have cleared the way for all citizens to enjoy a freshly clean smile that sparkles. 
Living in a city like Jacksonville, with almost 1 million citizens, there is bound to be an array of dentists available. Choosing the perfect dentist in your area might be a bit of a nail biter. You have to find someone who not only makes you feel comfortable but who are also experienced in using the latest modern technology
When one or more of your teeth has a serious cavity then you have to consider treatment in the form of a tooth filling. To give you more information about cavities and the treatments, as well as choosing the perfect dentist, continue reading. 
Whenever the enamel on our tooth experience damage a cavity is formed. Acids are created inside the mouth whenever sugary foods are broken down by plaque and bacteria. When left untreated for a long period of time, a little hole or cavity is created in the structure of the tooth. 
The opening in the tooth can expose roots and even nerve endings, resulting in an extremely painful sensation when you consume food and drink. 
Cavities are caused by a variety of different factors. Here is a list of the main causes you have to be aware of: 
Woman With Perfect Smile - Consuming Food and Beverages: There’s no way to avoid eating and drinking, but you can control what kind of food and beverages you consume. Drinking liquids with high sugar content like sodas can damage enamel. Other foods that can be damaging are cookies, dry cereals, dried fruits, hard candies and toffee, raisins, and caramel. Be sure to brush your teeth after consuming these.

Learn more about harmful foods here:

- Plaque: Plaque, especially behind the tooth can build up, creating a stubborn almost impenetrable wall. Mouth hygienists can easily clean off stubborn plaque during a visit. If left untreated for a long period, this plaque can cause holes and cavities. 

- Bad Oral Hygiene: There’s a reason why our parents made such a big fuss about us brushing our teeth. It is the fundamental habit that avoids cavities from forming. Not brushing your teeth regularly will allow plaque and bacteria to build up and destroy enamel. 

The only way in which a cavity can be treated is by getting a tooth filling.  


Even if you don’t expect that you have a cavity that needs to be filled, you must go for regular dentist visits. Visiting a dentist will prevent any serious cavities from forming in the future as well as ensure oral hygiene. 

If you do experience any of the following symptoms, it’s time to visit your local dentist:

- Sensitivity: Whenever you feel an unusual pressure or sensitivity when biting, chewing, or drinking.

- Pain: Experiencing pain in a specific tooth is a common symptom of tooth problems. Especially if the toothache persists. 

- Texture: When rolling over your teeth with your tongue, if you feel a sharp edge, hole, or pit then it is clear that you suffer from a cavity. This doesn’t include a chip that might occur in an accident or when you bite too hard on something. 

Read this to learn more about different types of oral illnesses.

Modern Dental Surgery


Fillings are a dentistry term referring to filling holes in teeth. It’s important to get a filling in a tooth that has a crack, hole, chip, or cavity, to prevent further inflammation and serious pain. 

Depending on the dentist’s experience and on-hand equipment, they will use a chosen technique or filler material to fix the tooth. It’s therefore important to put some effort into finding the perfect dentist, that will be able to provide you with quality service while using top-notch instruments. 


Back in the day, dentists used colored fillings and white or beige tooth-colored materials weren’t available. Luckily, this has all changed and the choices have become broader. 

Depending on your budget, preference, and your dentist’s ability you can choose between any of the following fillers:

- Gold: Although quite expensive, gold fillings have been the material of choice amongst many high-class individuals. It is high in durability and can last a lifetime. 

However, when two gold fillings are placed next to each other, or next to a silver one, a galvanic shock might occur. Which is a sharp pain caused by the metals interacting with one another. 

- Silver: Not as expensive as gold material, silver fillings are durable and can last up to 15 years. Because of its silver/gray aesthetic, it’s not as pleasing to the eye. 

- Tooth-colored: A modern preference amongst many is the tooth-colored filling. They are safe and effective teeth fillings that match the color of the natural teeth. Although their longevity isn’t as long as gold and silver metal, they are much more versatile in use. 

These composite fillings are used in repairing broken, worn, and chipped teeth. Even in an open view of the mouth. Another advantage is that dentists don’t have to remove big parts of the tooth to make way for the composite as with gold and silver.

Dentist Performing A Filling

Other materials that can be used are glass ionomer, acrylic, and ceramics. 

It is clear that this kind of procedure is very delicate and complex. Only a trained and educated dentist will be able to perform a safe, durable, and hygienic procedure. Since a little bit of anesthesia is involved, it’s important that you find a dentist in your area that is credible, have the correct certifications as well as the relevant equipment to perform the procedure to a high quality.

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