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Living a Healthier Lifestyle with an Environmental Illness




A beautiful waterfall in woodland

There is no one illness when it comes to environmental illnesses, but it occurs when you are exposed to toxins or substances in the environment that proceed to make you sick. Such health hazards can be found whether you work, live or play, and symptoms can vary from person to person and illness to illness.
The easiest way to distinguish the cause for certain symptoms is first to figure out the environment that is causing them. For instance, do you get headaches when at home? If so, it could be caused by leaking carbon monoxide. Once you know, you can rectify the issue, and if it has left you with lasting issues, you can claim compensation.
Living with an environmental illness is not the easiest thing to do, but that does not mean you cannot live a happy and full life. In general, living a healthier lifestyle can be greatly beneficial. Here are ways to do so.
Exercise Regularly 
Regular exercise will not only help you maintain a healthy weight, but your mental health will improve as well. Find time in your schedule each day to work in some sort of movement that you find enjoyable and allows you to get your heart rate up and break a sweat. Also, it’s a wise idea to try to fit in more walking and steps on a daily basis especially if you work an office job and are sitting in one place most of the day. Use this as a chance to have some time to yourself and listen to your favourite music. Find classes or exercises that you look forward to doing each day and mix up your routine to keep it fresh.
Discover Productive Hobbies
You can also live a healthier lifestyle by finding productive hobbies that challenge you and take up your free time. This is a good alternative to sitting in front of the television all the time or playing video games. For instance, you may want to expand your knowledge and grow your money by learning more about Canadian cannabis stocks, learn how to build your own furniture or take a photography class. Keep yourself busy and engaged in life when you’re not at work so that you feel you have a purpose outside the office.
Cook at Home
Another tip for living a healthier lifestyle is to get in the habit of cooking at home. This will help you better control what ingredients you’re using and how much you’re eating at one sitting. You may also find the art of cooking to be an enjoyable and relaxing way to spend your time. Consider going grocery shopping on the weekends and preparing your meals ahead of time, so you don’t feel so rushed during the week. Get in the habit of bringing your lunch to work as well so that you can save yourself some money and calories.
Manage Your Stress 
Too much stress is harmful to your health and can cause additional complications in your life. Live a healthier lifestyle by proactively managing your stress on a daily basis. Find ways to relax and calm your mind such as practicing meditation or yoga. Take note of when you feel your anxiety acting up and have ways to combat it at the moment such as using deep breathing exercises or going for a walk. You’ll be able to concentrate more easily and get through your days without feeling so overwhelmed when you manage your stress.
Find a Job You Like 
Working too much or staying at a dead-end job will eventually take a toll on your wellbeing. It’s in your best interest to find a job you like if you want to live a healthier lifestyle. You not only want to feel challenged each day and like you’re putting your skills to the test, but also have some flexibility so you don’t feel tied to your job all the time. Working takes up a lot of your time, and if you’re in a position that’s extremely demanding or boring, then you risk your health slowly diminishing after a while. You’ll notice that your days become more enjoyable and less chaotic when you know you’re heading off into a job that you find rewarding. 
Take Holidays 
You’ll feel a lot happier and less tense when you make it a point to schedule regular holidays away from work and your home responsibilities. Live a healthier lifestyle by granting yourself permission to take some time off once in a while and have new and exciting experiences. While work and managing a home life are important, so is spending quality time with your loved ones and practicing self-care. You’ll likely return to your everyday schedule feeling more refreshed and ready to accomplish your goals. Rushing around all the time and overdoing it with your commitments will leave you feeling exhausted. Remind yourself that you deserve time away to decompress and regroup after having worked so hard.
Remove Toxic Relationships from Your Life 
Toxic relationships and negativity will certainly harm your health and wellbeing in the long run. It’s a wise idea to remove pessimistic and unhelpful people from your life as soon as possible. You’ll find that you’re a lot happier when you do and don’t have so much drama to deal with on a regular basis. Be willing to branch out and meet new people if that’s what it takes to find healthy relationships that are beneficial to you. Not only distance yourself from those that are negatively impacting your life, but also spend time and invest in nurturing the good relationships you do have. 
Spend More Time in Nature
While technology is helpful for many reasons, it can also be harming your health if you’re not careful. Spending all of your time connected to your electronics can be damaging to your wellbeing such as causing you physical aches and pains and increasing your anxiety levels. One alternative is to spend more time in nature simply taking in the beautiful sights, pleasant smells and soothing noises around you. Go for long nature walks and think about what you’re grateful for and you’re likely to return home in a much calmer state. Nature has a way of making you feel less worried and more thankful, so it’s worth giving this tip a try.

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  • Guest - Byron Woolcock

    All excellent advice and, to a great extent, individually controllable. Sadly, at eighty years and diagnosed MCS 1974, the only severe toxicant I have absolutely no control over is neighbours woodsmoke.

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