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Long Covid: What is it, Symptoms and Tips to Recover!




Have you heard of Long-Haul Covid? Well, its quite a repercussion of dreadful Coronavirus and people who were struck with it. Pharma company in Germany researched and came up with the prominent symptoms related to long Covid and tips to recover from them.

What Does Long Covid Mean?

Do you know that the symptoms of Covid continue until weeks or even months after the dreadful disease has already hampered your health? As per the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the US and the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) in the UK, the after-effects of Covid last for over more than 12 weeks, and in a few cases, it could even last for 2 months. People in England and Germany discovered a few general symptoms like unexplained fatigue and tiredness.

Long Covid Sign Asking: "WHEN IS THE END? #COVID19"

How Long Might It Take to Recover from Symptoms?

Though the medicine development company in Germany is still undergoing research on this subject, the common outcomes suggest that patients might take 5-12 months for complete recovery from this long Covid side-effects.

Common Symptoms of Long Covid

Covid-19 is amongst the most dreadful viruses of history that created a health massacre no one could ever imagine. Depending on your immune system response, the ‘Long Covid’ blunder might keep you stuck up for months or weeks. 

Below are a few common symptoms of long Covid that you must not ignore:

- Shortness of breath or breathlessness
- Lot of fatigue
- Restlessness while sleeping
- Depression and anxiety
- Mild chest pain
- Heart palpitation
- Muscle pain
- Inability to stay focused (Brain Fog)
- Constant cough recurrence
- Change of smell or taste

Tips to Recover from Long Covid

Long Covid sufferers need not despair, as decades of knowledge gathered from the treatment of M.E. / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS), which has also been named 'Post-Viral Fatigue Syndrome', provide a wealth of proven guidelines to ensure that Long Covid is well managed early and does not become a life sentence. ME/CFS and Long Covid are thought to be, if not identical, essentially a very similar disease process. So, here are a few things that you could do to get over the underlying symptoms of Long Covid, as suggested by the pharma company in Germany. This includes:

  • Avoid over-exertion and try to calm down your senses. Relax and allow yourself some time to breathe out freely.
  • Take multiple breaks and align tasks in small intervals to avoid getting overburdened. Opt for other alternative activities that could help you feel energized.
  • Go through small tests to check the limits of you getting exhausted.
  • Does a particular activity make you feel breathless? If yes, keep doing it until your muscles relax and you can do them freely.
  • Gradually try to enhance the time of workouts instead of pushing yourself too hard. For instance, taking a short walk or strength training is a good idea for getting a lean frame.
  • Remember that post-covid effects will last longer, and you need to be mentally positive to stay in a good mood and health.
  • If you face memory loss or constant stress, plan out the meetings and appointments well in advance to avoid issues.
  • Relieving yourself from the stress or the inability to do certain things could pile up more fury. Instead, look for alternatives through which you can manage things without disrupting your routine.
  • Regularly involved in various flexibility exercises like yoga and stretches. Involve in lifting weights, climbing stairs, and using resistance bands to indulge in sound physical health.

Final Words

The havoc of Covid-19 and its long haul surprised the medicine development company in Germany, and they are still trying to scout ways to reduce symptoms. However, a positive mindset and constant efforts to avail body flexibility and good breathing patterns can curtail the overall impact drastically. It is imperative to rejuvenate your mind and body completely as that’s how you could combat the symptoms of Long Covid. Stay in good health!

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