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Making Weight Loss Easy By Removing Chemicals





by Kim Evans


I need a maid. I often find that I have time to keep aperfectly clean house or get things done. Since I prefer toget things done, housework often takes a backseat. It getsdone a little less frequently than would be ideal.

Our bodies also find themselves forced into this place ofprioritization when it comes to detoxification and burningfat. This is because our liver, our main organ that'sresponsible for detoxification, is also responsible forburning fat. And because so many people take in numerouschemicals each day that require detoxification, our bodiesde-prioritize burning fat in favor of detoxification. Theydo this the same way I'm currently de-prioritizing doingthe dishes to write this article. However, if you want to make weight loss easy you'll needto get your liver, your prime detoxification and fatburning organ, back on your side. And you can do this bycleaning out the toxins that are currently stored in your liver and throughout your body.

Your liver is like a filter for your blood. It filters outthe toxins and chemicals that are common in diet andlifestyle habits. And like the air filter in your car, yourliver also gets clogged and congested with toxins. Someestimates are that over three fourth's of the space in thisfour to five pound organ are currently occupied by storingtoxins in most people's bodies. Since I've actively cleanedout this mess from my own liver, and far more from the restof my body, you're not going to hear me argue with thisseemingly large estimate.

With body and liver cleansing techniques you can actuallyclean out these toxins from your liver to give it the spaceit needs to burn fat. You can also adopt, as much aspossible, a chemical-free lifestyle to dramatically reducethe number of chemicals coming into your body, which willfree up some of your liver's time and energy to burn fat.

An easy way to do this is by making most of your foodchoices from the produce section of an organic grocerystore. If you need to learn a few new food preparationtechniques to make this new style of eating both easy anddelicious, by all means do so.

Buying your soaps, shampoos, and detergents at a healthfood store will also considerably cut back on the numberand harshness of chemicals that regularly enter the bodythrough the skin. Finding natural cosmetics is another astep in the right direction - and all of these small stepscan add up to big improvements in our health and for weightloss. In fact, you'll be amazed at what a big difference they can make.



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Kim Evans is the author of Cleaning Up! The Ultimate BodyCleanse, which outlines an innovative and powerful totalbody cleanse, including liver, colon, and candidacleansing. Deep cleansing helped Kim remove more than adozen different problems in her body - including severalthat medical professionals couldn't solve. Learn more at


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