Japanese power tools are known as the best options on the market. Makita jigsaw is not an exception to the rule. If you are interested in woodworking or a DIY fan and like to deal with irregular curves, Makita cordless jigsaw 18v is a thing that you must buy. However, you can ask why it should be specifically 18V and why not a corded instrument. Answers you can find below.

Makita jigsaw

Why do you need particularly Makita jigsaw 18V?


We hope that there is no need to describe the advantages of Japanese tools manufactured by Makita. Nevertheless, we need to say a few words about jigsaws’ voltage. This parameter is only about cordless models. Voltage shows the power of the instrument and, thereby, its efficiency. There are two main options for common users:

- 12 V that is medium power, widely used

- 18 V that is much more powerful

Makita 18V jigsaw is perfect for any project where you need to deal with a precise and intricate task. 

There is still a question about a cord or, more precisely about the absence of a cord. Wireless tools are more popular today among purchasers and this is not surprising. Cordless instruments are better because they are more

- portable

- convenient in use

- secure

- versatile (could be used in the place where is no electricity or a socket)


The best place to buy Makita 18v jigsaw brushless in the UK

There are many online and offline companies selling power tools but there is only one trustworthy. UK Planet Tools is a shop where you can find any kind of instrument for repair. They have a lot of positive reviews on different platforms, years of experience, a professional team, and only top-grade service. Visit their website or real shop at Bletchley to assure that we tell the truth!



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