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Managing Safety and Health in Healthcare




Healthcare worker writing a Daily Report Schedule

As defined by the World Health Organization, health can be defined as a state of complete physical mental and social well-being. Of course, Healthcare is an elementary block of the social foundation but has anyone ever thought what the Healthcare workers have to go through in their day to day life? Few people know that healthcare workers are exposed to a wide range of hazards in the course of their daily work. This is the very reason why in the recent years there has been an increased awareness about managing safety and Health in healthcare organizations.
For David Rowland, Head of Marketing at Effective Software, health and safety is the responsibility of everyone in an organization. This may seem tough, but the payoffs are huge: increased productivity of workers, increased bottom line, and greater consumer confidence.
Measuring the safety culture in healthcare:
Recent concerns regarding the safety of patients as well as healthcare workers in the system has consequently given rise to the adoption of several safety management techniques used in high-risk institutes. One such method is surveying the workforce perception and the attitude towards both worker and patient safety in the healthcare sector by the use of safety climate questionnaires. The entire objectives of managing safety and health in healthcare system revolve elementarily around two aspects i.e:
  • Identifying areas of weakness in the safety culture of the organization.
  • Helping in developing a safety management system through theoretical as well as practical approach.
Contemporary situation of healthcare workers:
Research says that the more the senior management and the committed leaders are worried about the safety, health and welfare enhancement, the greater is the level of commitment of workforce in the healthcare sector. This, in turn, is responsible for preventing mental illness and workplace accidents.
An early concern is particularly necessary to provide a means of integrating safety health and welfare into the existing management systems. It will further demonstrate the excellence in governance and can facilitate compliance with legislation in the healthcare systems.
A quick summary of the current healthcare scenario:
There are several medical discoveries that have shifted the prospects of traditional medicine towards the folds of modern healthcare facilities. The number of healthcare professionals as well as services have risen exponentially, and the risk factors have also multiplied at an alarming rate. Hospitals these days have turned spookier than the graveyards. In spite of the growing scopes for residential as well as non-residential healthcare facilities, sanitation and hygiene are still a luxury. Apart from just the physical well-being and safety, the social sides have their evils too. Increased cases of harassment and humiliations are common in some of the most reputed healthcare centers. The question that arises then is what can be done? And what are the initiatives that can be taken at the block level?
Prospects for beneficial changes:
Of course, the government is taking significant steps in improving healthcare over both rural as well as urban areas. The safety of the patient as well as workers in the healthcare centers has turned into a major question questioning the entire governance procedure. In addition to all the initiatives taken by the government, there should also be some steps that need to be taken at the ground level. Preventive healthcare, control of communicable diseases, public sanitation and health education needs to be improved. In addition to these diseases, there are also several non-communicable diseases that need to be prevented by making feesable changes in lifestyle. Together only you can make a change!



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