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Must-Have Essentials When Traveling Abroad




Man waiting on a train station platform with map in hand

Packing when traveling abroad can be quite a minefield for most people; it's nothing like packing for a one week vacation. There are millions of things you need to do -- from getting a passport, to figuring your phone plan, notifying your friends' families, clients, your bank and so on. These things can easily be done, but packing for a journey abroad is entirely a different beast.

Here, we have compiled a list of must-have essentials when you are traveling abroad:
A Good Suitcase: The so-called wheeled suitcase may seem an ideal solution when traveling abroad, but it's not. The environment in another country may be different from your home country; you may experience rough roads, rocks, sandy beaches or jungle trails, so, it is a good idea to find a quality backpack. Keep in mind that it’s always better to be prepared than not. 
Money Belt: You never know what you will experience, so buy one that goes on your leg, or around the waist.
Credit Cards, Passport, Bank Numbers, Phone Numbers, and Cash: Write these details somewhere safe, and don’t put all these items in the same place.

Eye Prescriptions: Every time you travel whether on a short or long trip, have an extra pair of eye prescriptions.
Zip Lock Bag: You will need these to keep things dry in case the weather goes against your expectations.
Comfortable Shoes: You don’t have to pick hiking boots unless you are planning on hiking, but more often than not they come in handy in some countries. Go for all-terrain shoes, they can be used on different occasions.
Sarongs: If you are traveling to a tropical climate, get these; they are great for almost everything.
Reusable Shopping Bag: Depending on how long you intend to stay abroad, these often come in handy. Put all those bags in hiding and use them. They can be useful in separating dirty clothes inside your suitcase, packing souvenirs, and other personal stuff.
A Power Adapter: The last things you want to do when traveling abroad is searching for a power adapter to check your Google map. Most devices have their specification on the power to use, and buying one off the street may damage your device, so carry one with you.
First Aid Kit: Get a first aid kit and other necessary medications from a travel doctor. Depending on where you are traveling you may need some insect repellent, sunscreen, and sun lotion. You can purchase these where you are traveling, but it's a good idea to have them in case the local market does not have any. Don't forget to carry some supplements; they may come in handy with indigestion, heartburn and generally keeping you up to your game.
Sewing Kits, Scissors, Nail Clippers: You can't tell when you'll need these, but they all should be placed somewhere on your backpack.

The above are some of the essentials you need when traveling abroad, but of course, this depends on where you are traveling. You may not need some hiking boots if you are traveling to a major town, but you definitely need some nice comfortable shoes. You can, of course, replenish some essentials when you reach your destination.



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