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Not all Hemp is created Equal?




Field Of Hemp Plants​With the recent passing of the 2014 and 2018 Farm Bill, hemp has come back in a major way in America, creating one of the fastest growing multi-billion dollar industries to date.  One aspect of the exceptional growth is hemp is a particular compound found in the plant, CBD. CBD became popular when it was used to stop seizures and could potentially assist in diseases such as cancer or other autoimmune illnesses.


Another aspect of the hemp industry that is growing at a record pace is smokable hemp flower or CBD flower. What is not widely known is that both hemp and marijuana are cannabis plants and the hemp grown today for smokable hemp flower has all of the same characteristics as marijuana, without the THC. The hemp flower has large buds or colas. The hemp flower also has terpenes which give the hemp flower an individual smell and taste. Cannabis terpenes, which include terpenes derived from hemp, also interact synergistically with the cannabinoids increasing the overall effect of the hemp.


Companies are now selling CBD flower just as they would marijuana, by the gram all the way up to a pound. Companies are also rolling the hemp into hemp joints called pre rolls, along with hemp cigarettes and CBD vape cartridges.


Hemp is being grown outdoor, in greenhouses and even indoors, like high grade marijuana. Hemp grows for smokable flower look no different, then marijuana grows. Hemp dispensaries are popping up all over the US as well but most of the sales are still happening online.


Given the new hype of hemp and all the new hemp products coming to market,  along with the ability for just about anyone anywhere being able to start a hemp company, there is a wide range of quality of hemp products and hemp flowers, as not all hemp is the same.


The best hemp flower or the best hemp for products is going to come from hemp that is grown, dried and cured exactly the same as top shelf marijuana. Usually it is indoor or greenhouse grown, hand harvested and trimmed then slow dried and cured for one to two months. The genetics grown also play an important role in the finished hemp flower, but you can easily mess up the best hemp flower by not drying or curing it right and you can take some mediocre hemp flower and dry and cure it right to a nice smokable hemp flower.


Unfortunately right now, with the market being so new and consumers not being educated, companies are putting out inferior hemp products using outdoor grown hemp, which was not meant to be used for consumption and putting the hemp into CBD pre rolls, hemp cigarettes or other hemp products with the consumer not knowing the difference. These companies can also offer much lower prices then a company growing quality hemp flower.


It is important to know where and how the hemp flower was grown. Whether it was indoor, greenhouse or outdoor, with the first two being the best option. Also what are the growing practices, are they using organic or synthetic nutrients. One of the most important questions to ask, is the company selling the hemp products, the company that actually grew and processed the hemp. Many companies selling hemp flower or hemp pre rolls are not the same that grew the hemp which. Bottom line, know who you are buying your hemp products from as not all hemp is the same.

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