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Orthodontist in Round Rock: What Can They Do For You?




Orthodontist working on a patient

If there is one aspect of our face that we really want to be perfect, it is our teeth. Yes, the skin on our faces does count as well because it does cover our entire face. Acne and blemish problems do tend to wreak havoc in many people but there are a lot of products available that can really help you. Also, you can just apply them on your own even though it is best to ask the doctor first. For our teeth, we do not really have a choice. There are products like toothpastes, toothbrushes and floss that can help us clean it. However, it can be very difficult to improve the situation.

We all want to have those perfect set of straight white teeth. We always see them in many actors, actresses and other personalities. It makes them look even better when they smile for the camera. Athletes also indulge in their perfect smile but it usually does get destroyed because of their physical activities. For us normal humans, it would be winning the genetic lottery if you already have the perfect set of straight white teeth while growing up. You do know though that this is not the case for everyone. Read about it here:

Straight Teeth, White Teeth – Both Problems

How do you think did all of those celebrities have those pearly whites anyway? Well, some of them might tell you that they are natural. However, most dentists would agree that having a really white set of teeth is not really good either. In fact, too much whitening can even lead to problems later on. It can weaken your enamel and make your teeth even more susceptible to further damage. Yellowish white is considered as the healthiest color for the teeth and this is also the most natural. In fact, there are some proponents that yellow teeth are so much stronger but that was already debunked long ago.

As for the straightening part, it also comes down to genetics. For example, most Caucasians evolved from an ancestor which has crooked teeth. It passed down from generation to generation and you can still see it until today. However, modern dentistry has given us more options to use for us to make our teeth more presentable. No more overbites or overlapping teeth which can be quite uncomfortable and can lead to gum damage. It is another field of dentistry known as orthodontics and there are many orthodontists that can help you out with your concerns.

Jaw X-ray used by orthodontists

Orthodontist To The Rescue!

One of the ways that these orthodontists would straighten your teeth is through the use of braces. These are metal wires attached to the root of your teeth and form them into the ideal shape and form. However, these are really noticeable and can impede with your speech and eating habits. They can be quite painful too and some people are actually very conscious about it. Some are also turned off by the idea because it will take some time before you can see its effects. There are even patients who had to wear them for years.

There is another product that was developed because of the reputation of metal braces: invisible braces. These still function the same way as metal braces but they are barely noticeable. This is because they are made of almost clear plastic, even though they are strong enough to hold the teeth in place. Invisible braces can also be removed at times during the day which makes them so much better that metal braces. However, they still need to be worn as much as possible to maximize its effects. There are also guidelines you need to follow for a better understanding on how these really work so always ask your resident orthodontist in Round Rock.

Help Yourself, Too

Aside from all of these helpful procedures, you can start by helping yourself as well. You need to brush your teeth at least two times per day. Do take note though to be gentle while brushing so that you will not introduce any more damage. Use white colored toothpaste as the artificial colors can actually affect your enamel’s appearance. Floss as much as possible but be very gentle to avoid forming grooves between the teeth.

Also, it is important to watch what you eat. You need to consume more fruits and vegetables but make sure that they are soft enough that your teeth can handle them. Refrain from eating too sweet and salty food as this can be the source of plaque on your teeth. Acidic drinks like sodas and alcohol should also be consumed in moderation. Smoking should be avoided as much as possible since this is one of the leading causes of tooth problems amongst the elderly. If you are having any problems, you should visit the dentist immediately so that it will not get worse.

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