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Oysters, Chocolate, Curry? Exploring Foods That Can Transform You In The Bedroom




An unmade bed

Erectile dysfunction is rife among many of the male population in the world. Around 22% experience frequent problems when rising to the occasion, while 1 in 2 have once been affected in maintaining an erection. Last week a study at the University of Athens revealed that consuming a mediterranean inspired diet was beneficial for a man’s sexual form in the bedroom. Consequently, this got us thinking if Viagra isn’t your thing which foods will help you out in the bedroom and which won’t...

Olive Oil

Drawing back to the study in Greece, olive oil was found to be one of the main components of a man’s diet that improved his libido. Dr. Chrysohoou from the University of Athens, stated that people who chose to consume a diet that was abundant of olive oil saw an increase of 40% in their erectile dysfunction. As olive oil is a polyunsaturated fat it’s known to have cardio-protective effects, therefore improving blood flow to the penis. 

Spicy Foods

Now, we’re not suggesting you go for a curry then immediately you’ll have immense feelings of pleasure, but there’s something to be said of consuming spicy foods in relation to sexual health suggests Dr Roisin McHugh, of Assured Pharmacy. “We know that the chemicals contained in chillies and various other "hot" spices causes vasodilatation (relaxing the smooth muscle in the arterioles and even large arteries, causing them to enlarge), the same intended effects of Erectile Dysfunction medication.


Ah Oysters, the oldest trick in the book…apparently. In the 18th century, lover and lothario, Cassanova, reportedly ate 50 oysters a day to increase his lidido. However, was this daily selfless act, a waste of time? Despite containing more Zinc than any other food available, which builds testosterone production, there is a lack of evidence to definitively say that they can improve your sex drive.


You’d have probably heard of Ginseng from tea, but the herb originates from certain East Asian countries such as China and Korea. Recent research suggests that Ginseng has multiple benefits for men when they look to engage in a sexual act. The dual properties of Korean Red Ginseng has to be known to increase one’s stamina in the bedroom, while improving ED in a separate study. Menopausal women can equally benefit from using Ginseng, as studies have shown it to boost their sexual arousal. 


Historical teachings suggests that chocolate is one of the earliest so-called aphrodisiacs, with the indigenous tribes such as the Aztecs believing in it’s effects on one’s libido. Fast forward to the modern day and couples around the world use chocolate to ignite some romance in the bedroom, but does it really work? Research has produced mixed results to the question in hand. Results vary widely, with studies labelling the methylxantines within the chocolate as detrimental for your sex drive, while others link the abundance of cacao in chocolate to an augmented level of serotonin production. Nevertheless, if chocolate works for you keep going, despite it potentially acting as a placebo effect. 

What will definitely NOT help!

Now that we’ve debunked the myths around foods rumoured to be good for your sexual health, let's identify ones that you should almost certainly stay away from. Even though alcohol often has been the inhibitor of sexual experiences for many, I’m sure we can all agree that excessive drinking can cause both erectile and ejaculatory problems for men and the latter in women. Synonymous with alcohol for some, fried foods are also one to steer clear of if you’re having any performance related difficulties. The trans-fat element in burgers, chips, fried chicken etc, is known to lower sex drive and cause abnormal sperm production.

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