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P-Shot: Definition, Procedures, Benefits




A Couple Looking Miserable

P-Shot is used to boost the sexual health of the male. It can also increase the sexual excitation of a male. If you want to make your sexual experience better and exciting, would you seek medical help? Would you prefer medical treatment to treat your erection? Would you like to treat your sexual dysfunction? Would you like to treat your erectile dysfunction and improve your sex drive? If yes, then you need to know about P-Shots. In recent years the medical field has made a lot of progress. Because of this progress, specific shots can make a sexual experience incredible and long-lasting. These shots are known as P-Shots or Priapus in the market. The word Priapus is derived from the Greek language, which means the greek god of fertility. Currently, there is little research on P-Shot, and no scientific evidence is known yet. But studies have shown that a P-Shot works efficiently by increasing your erection frequency and make them last longer. It is an FDA-approved treatment and is helpful for men of all ages. The most popular form of this shot is known as the Priapus shot. This shot can help a man gain his confidence by doing a great job in his bedroom. And it can help them achieve their sex drive back by improving their erectile tissue. This shot offers men the best chance to regain their sex drive, size, and strength. 
What is P-Shot?
P-shot involves the infusion of platelet-rich plasma in the penis. It is a non-surgical procedure and consists of injecting platelet-rich plasma into your penis to make it healthy and rejuvenate.  A portion of your blood that contains all the essential growth factors needed for the body to grow and heal is known as platelet-rich plasma. During childhood, we scrape our skin by falling. After scraping, yellow color fluid comes out of your knee, and scab forms over that area. When this scab fell off, then a new pink-colored skin grows over that area. The yellow fluid that seeps out of the knee after an injury is platelet-rich plasma. If we isolate, concentrate, and store this portion of blood, then it can be helpful to aid the healing of injured areas of the body. It can also quicken the process of healing. We use Platelet-rich plasma in P-shots to create new blood vessels and nerves and strengthen the erection of the patient. It makes your erections better and makes them last longer.
P-Shot treatment involves an injection of PRP in your penis. It is a natural procedure that helps you with your erection and boosts your confidence by increasing your sex drive and strength. It is a single and easy treatment through which the men can improve their sexual response. It is a painless treatment. Not only does it increase your sex drive, but it also helps to treat erectile dysfunction and priapism. Platelet-rich plasma stimulates the growth of new tissue in your plasma, making it healthy and young. Hence, increasing the sexual activity of the male. 
Reduced sexual excitement and libido can result in physical stress and fight between partners. Hence P-Shot is helpful to treat this condition. It can stimulate sexual activity and can improve the sex drive of the male. After this, not only can a male gain their confidence back, but it can eliminate their physical stress and can help them stay healthy. 
There are many pills and creams to treat issues of erectile dysfunctions in a male, but none of them offer a long-term and valuable outcome. Priapus shot or P-Shot is best in this situation. These shots use your strength and help you gain back your size, power, and sex drive. 
What Does P-Shot Contain?
P-Shot, also known as priapism, contains platelet-rich plasma derived from the patient's blood. It helps your penis to rejuvenate. PRP is a very beneficial product that we obtain from patients' bodies and injects it into their penis to make it healthy and increase its sex drive, size, and strength. It stimulates stem cells to the penis and results in the formation of new blood vessels and nerves, increasing vascularization and making your penis healthy. 
What is PRP?
Our body is efficient in healing itself. Regeneration occurs through stem cells. PRP stimulates stem cells, which helps regenerate penile tissue in erectile dysfunction and Peyronie's disease.  It is helpful to treat injuries mainly treat sports injuries. We obtain Platelet-rich plasma from a person's blood. Recent medical advancement has started using it in the form of P-Shots. It stimulates stem cells to injected site and makes the tissue healthy and young by increasing its vascularization. Platelet-rich plasma stimulates stem cells to your penis and results in the formation of new blood vessels and nerves, making your penis healthy and increase its size and strength.  
Benefits a Man Can Have From P-Shots
Following are the benefits a man can gain from P-Shots
Completely Safe Procedure
It is a safe procedure because, firstly, you do not have to go through surgery. Secondly, it is a painless condition because of anesthesia. Blood is drawn from your body, so it reduces the likelihood of complications. 
Vascular reconstructive surgery is done in cases of erectile dysfunction. It constricts your vessels and reroutes them to increase blood flow in the penis, making better erections. But if this procedure works, you do not have to go through surgery; hence, it is a better procedure as it is handy and safe to perform. 
Helps Erection Last Longer
P-Shot uses PRP, which stimulates stem cells, which helps in the regeneration of penile tissue in erectile dysfunction and Peyronie's disease.  It is helpful to treat injuries mainly treat sports injuries. We obtain Platelet-rich plasma from a person's blood. Regeneration of penile tissue helps in better and long-lasting erections. 
Gives Strong Erections
It helps the patient by giving them strong erections, increasing their sex drive, and helping them gain their confidence back. PRP, which stimulates stem cells, which helps in the regeneration of penile tissue in erectile dysfunction. Regeneration of penile tissue helps in better, potent, and long-lasting erections.
Cause Gain in Penis Size in Some Cases
As this treatment revascularizes the penile tissue increasing blood flow penis hence, it helps in gaining the size of the penis in some patients. So it is helpful to treat cases of Peyronie's disease. 
Comfortable Treatment
It is a comfortable treatment as there is no lag in the person's physical activity after the process. And he can resume his sexual activity in 4 hours after the procedure. Also, it is a painless treatment and free of any significant complications. Hence it is a comfortable treatment. 
No Side-Effects
P-Shot is maintaining the size, strength, and curvature of your penis. Hence it offers fewer complications and more beneficial effects like increasing your sex drive. The procedure provides minor complications as the patient's blood is injected back into him after passing it through the centrifuge machine. So it is a less complicated process. So, it is a safe procedure free of any side effects. 
Other benefits of P-Shot are:
  • Strong and long-lasting erections
  • Easier to achieve and maintain erections
  • Resolution of penile curvature in case of Peyronie's disease
  • Increasing length of penile
  • The increasing girth of penile
  • Increased sensitivity of the penis
  • High blood flow to the penis
  • Resolution of erectile dysfunction
  • Treatment of lichen sclerosus
  • Increasing sexual drive
Causes of Erectile Dysfunction
Erectile dysfunction is a common condition in which a man fails to achieve an erection during sexual activity. Following are the causes of erectile dysfunction, both physical and mental 
  • Obesity
  • Low testosterone
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • High BP
  • Peyronie's disease
  • Heart disease
Certain medications like: 
  • Alcohol
  • Drug use
  • Smoking
Does P-Shot Cause Penile Rejuvenation?
After injection, it stimulates stem cells to the injected spots. It promotes the formation of new vessels and nerves in that area, making the tissue healthier. P-Shots result in healthy penile tissue causing penile rejuvenation by improving vascularization.
How Does it Work?
Orgasms occur to make you physically and mentally healthy. A p-shot has nothing to do with the root cause of orgasm. It only helps in the regeneration of penile tissue by stimulating stem cells. And increase the ability to have orgasms. Following are the benefits of this treatment on sexual function:
  • Increased blood flow to the penis resulting in solid erections
  • Repair response in penile tissue
  • Sometimes it provides the placebo effect
Procedure of P-Shot
If you decide to take the P-Shot, then you need to make an appointment with your doctor. Your physician will evaluate your condition by asking questions about your general health and sexual history. He will ask about your erection during sexual activity. He may even check your penis physically to look for its size and curvature. After this, either the doctor will refer you to a reputable practitioner. Then the doctor will prepare you and remove your blood. Then platelet-rich plasma is extracted from your blood by a centrifuge machine. While the centrifuge machine is processing the plasma, the doctor will apply an anesthetic cream on your penis. When the side gets numb, the doctor will inject plasma with a fine needle. Your doctor will give you injections on the anesthetic area hence making it a painless condition. 
Due to the application of anesthesia, it is a painless condition. The procedure may take around sixty minutes after that; you can go home. Using a vacuum erection device after the process is essential to increase the success rate of the process. Without it, the success rate is minimum. It would be helpful if you use it twice daily. As this shot consists of your blood, so it is safe to use and has minimal complications. But it can result in bleeding, bruising, and swelling in some cases. You can resume your sexual activity after 4 hours of the procedure, and you can start seeing results in one or two days after the process. 
Is P-Shot Painful?
According to the procedure, the doctor injects P-Shot after applying anesthesia, making it a painless condition. This variation depends on the pain tolerance of a person, which varies. According to studies, some men say that they experience no pain while others have a mild prick. But due to anesthesia, it is generally a painless condition as it makes your penis numb. Hene, it is not painful. 
Are There Any Complications?
P-Shot is maintaining the size, strength, and curvature of your penis. Hence it offers fewer complications and more beneficial effects like increasing your sex drive. The procedure provides minor complications as the patient's blood is injected back into him after passing it through the centrifuge machine. So it is a less complicated process. But in case you experience any of the symptoms listed below, you should immediately seek medical attention. Symptoms are:
  • Fever
  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Pain
  • Bleeding
  • Inflammation
These symptoms occur if you have an adverse reaction to the injection. And if any of these happen, immediately contact your doctor to avoid further complications by guided medical treatment. Your doctor will directly assess your condition, take your history, and perform screening to identify the outcomes. He will consult other doctors and will give you immediate medical treatment. 
Stay in Touch With Your Doctor After the Treatment
If any adverse reactions, bleeding, swelling, and pain, get in touch with your doctor immediately. He will give you proper medical treatment to prevent any immediate and long-term complications. So, make sure to stay in touch with your doctor. 
Who Performs the Procedure?
A reputable urologist with a practice of almost five years can perform this treatment.
What is the Cost of the Procedure?
Cost varies depending upon your doctor. Some popular providers of O-Shot cost it from about 1200 dollars to 2500 dollars. Hence, it is a costly procedure.
Takeaway Message
P-Shot is known as priapism shot. It increases the sexual excitement of the male. If you feel stressed and your sexual activities are not up to the mark, you should consider this procedure. You will get an injection of platelet-rich plasma, resulting in increased sexual excitement and frequency of orgasms. It will also make your erections strong and long-lasting. So, you can get this shot without being worried about any side effects.  

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