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Pickled And Ready For Burial




© By Lena Sanchez


"Pickled and Ready For Burial" could be your epitaph if you habitually ingest Equal, Nutrasweet, Equal Measure, Spoonfull or Canderal in any form!


Those sweeteners contain a full 10% methanol. Methanol is what wood alcohol contains and I have seen alcoholics die from drinking wood alcohol. Methanol is absorbed faster when heated to 86 degrees or greater before being ingested. That is barely warm!


Methanol readily breaks down into formaldehyde and formic acid in the body. Formaldehyde is what the undertaker will use to embalm you after death, so don't do their job before it is needed!


Formaldehyde is accumulative in the body, therefore if you routinely ingest foods and/or drinks with those artificial sweeteners you are doing the undertaker's job and pickling your brain. Formaldehyde is a neurotoxin (brain poison) that will drown your brain when the accumulative process builds up, creating all types of brain diseases!


Formaldehyde is a known carcinogen and known to cause retinal damage to the eye. It also interferes in DNA replication causing birth defects in infants. Because humans are lacking in certain enzymes due to the lack of minerals and nutrients in our foods we can quickly absorb the formaldehyde and formic acid into our body…


Formic Acid is used to remove epoxy and urethane coatings, which is definitely not a health food! It too is a cumulative toxin. It also inhibits oxygen metabolism. Oxygen metabolism is extremely necessary for a healthy brain to make correct decisions and for your heart to keep beating… Imagine what is happening to your tissues and veins as it collects in them as well. Peeling away healthy tissue and depositing toxic poisons!


Aspartame's other 90% is phenylalanine and aspartic acid, and when taken into the body without food, is totally neurotoxic… Diet drinks are more often taken into the body devoid of foods thereby making the body toxic and increases damage to the total body…


Aspartame only came on the market after a new FDA Commissioner overruled the objections of the scientists and FDA board of inquiry that found the stuff poison to human and animal, but he approved it anyway. It had been beaten back for more than eight years by the objections of the scientific community and the thousands of documents showing the dangers and poisonous makeup of aspartame. The head of Searle went to our then president (1981) and heads changed at the FDA. A new FDA commissioner was installed giving the green light for aspartame to be sold. That commissioner then quit the FDA, once his ruling took effect and he went to work at Searle for an exorbitant salary. You don't have to go to the movies to see such things occurring simply read our governments history…


The people who are consuming the diet sweeteners are at the highest risk of toxic poisoning. They are usually dieting and devoid of nutrients making the poisons more absorbent and setting that person up for the undertaker a few years down the road and a very ill end of life.


Could the epidemic increases of Alzheimer's, brain cancer, newborn defects and seizures in the last twenty years be due to the popular use of aspartame in all kinds of foods?


Signs of aspartame overload/poisoning comes in the form of headaches, mental confusion, seizures, faulty balance and fainting. If you are having blackouts or mental fuzziness and drink diet sodas or eat processed diet foods you are a heart attack waiting to happen or a long very ill end of life.


Don't buy something that says sugar-free without checking out the label to see what it is sweetened with! Sweeta isn't an alternative either!!!


Make smart food decisions! Lena


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Lena Sanchez a happy retired Medical Office Nurse/Administrator/Consultant who took charge of her life 8 years ago and is committed to helping others do the same in all areas of life… Editor of:
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