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Podiatrists and When to See Them




Podiatrist using Professional Tool on a Toenail

The progress in medical science has ensured that we now have specialists for every organ whether its brain or heart or any other. A podiatrist is a foot doctor specializing in treating every kind of foot anomaly. His areas of expertise include the foot, ankle, and other adjacent parts of the leg. In the past, they were called chiropodists but not anymore. 

If you are experiencing any issue related to your feet whether it's pain, skin problem, or injury of any sort, you should see a podiatrist immediately. They can give more speedy diagnoses and treatments than any other general physician. For any medical problem of the foot, ankle, or lower leg, be sure to visit Podiatrist Queens, NY at the earliest to get effective treatment. Below are some conditions which warrant a swift appointment with a podiatrist.

Pain or Swollen Feet

If your feet are in pain or swelling after a long hike, it's normal. But in case of pain or swelling out of nowhere in any feet or both, make sure to visit the podiatrist. This sudden pain may be a sign of something worse.

Your Heels are in Constant Pain

There may be different reasons for heel pain. It may be due to bony growth on the heel called a heel spur. Another cause is the inflammation of the tendons on the heel. Only your podiatrist can tell you the accurate causes after going through a thorough diagnosis. It may involve X-rays and other scans.

Sprained or Broken Ankle

You have been in an accident or you fell while running and now you are experiencing severe pain in your heels. Your heel may have sprained or broken most likely. Visiting a podiatrist instead of an orthopedist may be a better option given the experience of the former with ankles.

Athlete’s Foot

Athletes’ foot is among the most common fungal infections of feet. Most people try to treat it with remedies and common treatments for infections and get irritated when it keeps appearing after intervals. Only a podiatrist has the expertise to treat it once and for all with sprays or cream as per the condition.

Stubborn Ingrown Toenails

Ingrown toenails are irritating and can cause infection if left untreated. When you find your ingrown toenail red or draining, visit a podiatrist for treatment. He will judge if the toenail needs to be removed or if medication will be enough to curtail its growth.


Surgery is often the final resort for many foot conditions. Most commonly bunions, and broken bones needs surgery. Owing to their expertise, podiatrists are the best option to perform surgery on feet and ankles.

Corn and Calluses

Sometimes thick layers of the skin develop around the places that experience friction or pressure. This build-up can get painful if it gets too thick. A podiatrist may perform a little surgery with the blade to reduce the build-up or he may choose any other suitable option like cortisone injections to reduce the pain.


You may have arthritis if your feet and ankle are in pain simultaneously. You may find your feet to be swollen, red, or tender. Consult your podiatrist immediately for arthritis can lead to permanent disability.

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