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Pros and Cons of an Esthetics Career




If you are reading this, there's a high chance that you've already had an interest in the ever-growing beauty industry. If becoming an esthetician is a goal of yours, read on for more insights.

Estheticians are specialists who assess conditions of their clients’ skin and give recommendations on what should be done to improve it. Do you know that the average annual salary for an esthetician in the US ranges between $42,864 and $54,497? ­Sounds great, right? However, just like any career, the career has its pros and cons. Let's check them out:

Pros of an Esthetics Career

1. Job Availability

Now Hiring Sign

Credits to the growing demand of estheticians; finding a job as a medical esthetician is easier. You will land a fancy job as soon as you get out of school in either a fancy spa or salon. Along with a valid license, you can work anywhere in the world.

2. It's Emotionally Rewarding

An esthetician plays a major role in the beauty industry. As a medical esthetic, you work with clients and satisfy them with individual approaches. You improve their skin routine by teaching them skin and makeup techniques that can obscure acne and scars, for example. By doing this, you help people reclaim confidence in their looks.

3. You Can Make Your Own Schedule

Laptop And Coffee

As an esthetician, you schedule your own appointments with clients, setting your own hours. This will allow you to concentrate on either your family or school schedule more comfortably. Although some esthetic jobs are entirely full-time, a great number of part-time or freelance positions exist in the market.

4. You Have Diverse Career Options

Office Workers With Whiteboard

If you’re thinking of becoming a medical esthetician from a certified cosmetology school, you will have access to several programs to choose from. Here are some of the career paths you may take with your esthetics license:

  • A makeup artist
  • A medical esthetician
  • A brand representative
  • A brand trainer
  • A spa or salon manager

5. It Could Be a Great Business Opportunity

With your esthetics knowledge, you can start a business and become an entrepreneur. According to your specialization, you can choose to open businesses such as:

  • A full- service beauty salon
  • A medical spa
  • A waxing salon
  • A holistic esthetic business

​Cons of an Esthetics Career

1. Long working hours

Most estheticians work for long hours except for a few established ones. Research shows that medical personnel is required to work continuous 20-hour shifts sometimes. Working for long hours affects your mental, physical, and psychological health. You need to work for long hours to build up a client list since you may have stiff competition. However, you can stay active by normalizing the usage of CBD isolate powder in your drinks during breaks, due to its numerous advantages to the human body.

2. There Are Some Harsh Realities

Working with patients who may have severe skin illnesses might scare you if you’re faint-hearted. Esthetics may be taxing, but ultimately rewarding if you’re bold enough to face realities.

3. Working With Harmful and Irritating Products

Esthetics involves the usage of several chemicals which release harmful fumes. While some may be helpful, some might harm and irritate your skin. You will be using chemicals like formaldehyde and nitrosamines in your daily work. A chemical like formaldehyde has been proven to be harmful to female reproductive organs among other effects. Besides, there are many chemicals you'll be dealing with.

4. It Can Be Challenging for Newbies

According to research, fresh-out-of-school estheticians are not hired due to a lack of experience. The job market can be harsh -success doesn't come instantly. The market is flooded with many new estheticians who are ready to work for low wages in order to gain experience. This makes it difficult to find a well-paying job.

5. There's Competition

With numerous skincare establishments, there is a rapid competition that drives away potential clients. This can be discouraging, especially for new estheticians. Imagine staying at your workplace the whole day without attending to a single client. It's tough! You have to offer the best to get more and returning clients.

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