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Serious Effects of Cracking Your Neck




Woman having massage for a cracked neck

Cracking your neck may offer a few benefits, but before you try this, you need to consult your doctor or chiropractor. You should only do it if you are sure it’s safe for you. One study revealed that neck cracking can offer a positive mental effect because the cracking sounds you hear are produced when pressure is released as the joints readjust. However, this does not mean it’s all safe as you might end in situations that will expose you to risks. 

Here are some of the serious effects you are likely to run into while cracking your neck.

Blood Clotting 

One of the dangers of neck cracking is the risk of triggering blood clotting. This exercise might cause blood to pool around the neck and this is a dangerous occurrence as it stops the movement of oxygen to the brain. With no or little supply of oxygen to the brain, you could suffer reduced brain function. Brain cells are very sensitive and some of them will begin dying just 5 minutes after the disappearance of oxygen supply, which could create a fatal outcome in the form of brain damage and death. Therefore, before you do neck cracking, ensure to confirm that you are in the best condition to take part in this exercise.

Can Lead to a Stroke

Inside the neck are blood vessels, so when you crack your neck with force too often, you could puncture your blood vessels. When this happens you will suffer internal bleeding and blood clots. Blood clotting as explained above is one of the top 3 reasons why it's bad to crack your neck because it could cause hazardous consequences that will impact your health. Oxygen deprivation exposes you to a risk of stroke. It might be an extremely small risk, but when you crack your neck you need to put it as one of the things to expect.

It Could Cause Perpetual Instability 

When you crack your neck, you end stretching the ligaments surrounding your joints. This sometimes results in the permanent stretching of the ligaments and might end in damage. It places you at a higher risk of suffering from osteoarthritis, which is a joint disease that could be prevented by avoiding practices that might wear out the cartilage around the joints. After the cartilage becomes worn out, you will suffer reduced mobility in the neck and head movements will become difficult to perform.

See a Doctor if:

  • You notice unusual swelling around your neck because this might indicate fluid buildup, infection, or injury.
  • You start feeling pain in your neck, especially when the pain does not have a noticeable cause.
  • Your joints become less mobile due to conditions like osteoarthritis.

While neck cracking comes with a few benefits, it could turn dangerous if done with total disregard of safety measures. You need to observe safety precautions and ensure you take instructions from your chiropractor or doctor. Neck cracking might cause chronic pain, could lead to stroke and might create lasting instability. If you notice any unusual changes to the neck like swelling or pain, make sure to immediately consult your doctor as this might point to an injury or infection. Exercise caution while cracking your neck as this is something that might end in serious problems as seen above.

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