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When it comes to losing belly fat, almost every wellness program will tell you that you should work out and keep a strict diet. But what happens in the cases when this is simply not good enough? There are various reasons as to why the fat just won’t go away, both physical and psychological, so what this tells us is that every person that has a problem with their body fat should have a personalized approach to how they are going to lose it. Here are some of the reasons why you might have trouble losing fat and what you could do about it.

You Are Getting Older

How you gain and lose weight changes with age. The metabolic rate, or how many calories the body needs to normally function, decreases for both men and women. Even more, women are forced to deal with menopause. Gaining weight after this inevitable process kicks in most likely results in belly fat. The reason to this is the fact that during menopause the production of oestrogen and progesterone subsides. At the same time, testosterone levels also begin to decrease, but slowly than the former hormones. This hormonal shift results in women holding onto weight in the belly region. 

You Are Stressed

Tight deadlines on your job, high bills, your kids having problems in school – all of these sources of stress if they are in excess, are bound to make it harder for you to lose the unwanted weight, particularly in the middle. It’s more than just about the fact that you are driven to take more high-calorie and high-fat food when you’re feeling stressed, even though that plays a role too. Another reason that this happens is because the stress hormone called cortisol is prone to boost the amount of fat your body holds on to, and make your fat cells bigger. High cortisol levels result in more body fat.

You Are Apple Shaped

If you have the tendency to gain more pounds around your belly than around your thighs and hips, then there is a great possibility that your problem may be genetic. This genetic predisposition is called being apple shaped. Even if you aren’t really overweight, having too much weight around your belly is problematic. Research has shown that people of normal weight, who have too much fat around the waist are prone to have health issues, such as heart disease. While fat-loss due to a genetic predisposition is harder to get rid of, it is far from impossible. 

How to Fight the Fat?

A non-invasive approach, suggested by Silkwood plastic surgeons from Sydney, is CoolSculpting, which basically consists of freezing fat cells. It’s a technology that originated in 1970s, when scientists noted that children who eat a lot of popsicles have dimpling in their cheeks, because of being exposed to cold a lot. Research has further shown that exposing fat to extreme temperatures for a particular period of time results in them freezing, with the rest of the tissue being untouched. This resulted in Harvard Medical School developing CoolScuplting. 

When fat cells get frozen, they form crystals and undergo the process called apoptosis. This basically means that when cells are exposed to cold temperatures, they tend to die the same as they do from old age. The difference is that with old age, cells replicate themselves before dying out, but in the case of freezing, there is no time to do so.

Therefore, CoolSculpting has become a FDA-approved medical procedure that removes localized fat as a great, non-invasive alternative to liposuction. What you need to have in mind though, is that it isn’t for losing weight, but for contouring your body. 

In Summation

If you have excess fat that you need to get rid of, and the diet and exercise that you are undergoing just don’t seem to be enough, then it’s time for you to take a close evaluation of the reasons as to why it is so, and possibly try some alternative methods. A great, non-invasive approach to losing fat is CoolSculpting, which has been approved by the FDA, and is bound to help you remove the excess fat around your belly, and feel better about yourself.



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