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Staying on Top of Gym Trends: A Guide for Gym Owners




Woman wearing a VR headset

Industry trends continue to dominate the health and fitness sector. One of the main problems for the modern gym owner is that every location is different, and every type of gym offers a variety of different classes, equipment, and specialized training. That’s why it’s so important to keep up with the emerging trends and evaluate their importance to your ongoing growth. Traditionally, a newly opened gym would do their market research and then sit back and watch. Now, taking a proactive approach to your gym management is the only way to keep your booking levels high and your membership numbers growing. These are the trends to watch in 2019 and beyond for better gym management.

Networking for Value

Traditional networking has always been a vital part of growing a business. In the digital age, you don’t even need to leave the office to get some serious networking done. However, the growing number of health and fitness conferences has provided a very real-world way to give your networking a boost. Make sure that you book industry relevant conferences, and use the best techniques for establishing contacts and relationships while attending them.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Gyms are going to be one of the key areas for the growth of virtual and augmented reality, and yet so few gym owners are paying attention. Consider the treadmill being used alongside VR. Your gym members will no longer have to stare at walls or a mirror as they chase their goals, and instead can choose a landscape, city, or location of their choice to run through. A study by a UK university has shown that using VR in the gym can even improve performance, so it’s definitely time to start looking at this technology.

Business Management

Running a gym is like running any other kind of business. There are tasks that need doing in order to continue the smooth operation of your gym, and that means time and energy being spent on tasks that might not be moving you forward. Software is the solution, and there is any number of options available for the smart entrepreneur looking for ways to streamline their operations. The right gym revenue management solutions can help you take full control over your profits, all while cutting down on time that could be better spent elsewhere.

Business Apps

Gyms should definitely be looking at the creation of their own dedicated app. The rise of the smartphone has seen consumers relying more and more on their apps, and there are now app options for managing every element of a health and fitness regime. By developing your own app, you can take up valuable real estate on your customer’s devices, and that will make it more likely for them to book another session sooner. It can take time to build the best app for a business, but gym owners should be considering this as a priority.

From tech advancements to industry trends, the health and fitness sector is one that is in a state of flux. Make sure that you are keeping up with the latest trends, and look at emerging technologies to assess their potential value to you. The more that you know about what successful gyms are doing to boost their position, the easier it will be to build on your own established business.



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