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Supplementing with Vitamin B8 for Enhanced Brain Power




Supplementing with Vitamin B8 for Enhanced Brain PowerVitamin B8, also known as Inositol, provides your body with benefits that other B vitamins do not. One of the key benefits that this vitamin offers is stress and anxiety relief. Due to these benefits, it's commonly used when treating conditions such as PTSD, panic attacks, OCD, and depression. 

Many users obtain vitamin B8 through a B multi-vitamin supplement. However, when targeting your mood specifically, vitamin B8 is a great addition to your routine. This natural anti-depressant works well on its own, or in combination with a choline-enhancer. 

Why Should I Care About B Vitamins?

B vitamins have been used for many years, targeting depression, stress, and anxiety. Before anti-depressants were commonly prescribed, people took B vitamins to help increase feelings of calmness. In fact, without knowing their full benefits, humans have been using B vitamins since ancient times. That's because these vitamins are naturally found in a wide variety of foods, including greens, milk, eggs, grains, and more. 

When we become deficient in these nutrients, ailments begin to surface. Common conditions include, memory loss, acne, and anemia. When looking at vitamin B8 specifically, it's linked to memory and cognition. It's also correlated with a more positive mood. When levels are low, individuals often feel a heightened sense of depression and anxiety. When supplementing with vitamin B8, you can help stabilize this imbalance. 

How Does Vitamin B8 Work to Provide Benefits?

Since vitamin B8 is an essential vitamin, our body effectively uses it. Since one of its main functions is to break down fat, it helps movie lipids away from our cells. It's believed that this relates to our metabolism, creating weight-loss effects. 

When our bodies have enough vitamin B8, levels of good HDL cholesterol are elevated. When this occurs, your blood is able to flow more easily through your arteries. In turn, this helps to lower your overall blood pressure. This helps users protect against high blood pressure stress reactions. 

When focusing on the brain, vitamin B8 helps increase the mobility of serotonin. This is due to the way in which vitamin B8 works with calcium. It also activates GABA receptors, which helps calm nerves that are over-firing. Cell signaling increases, triggering neuron growth. This process is known as neurogenesis. 

Due to these effects, users experience clearer thoughts, eliminating 'brain fog.' As well, more positive moods are experienced. Due to the way vitamin B8 helps manage stress triggers, taking a vitamin B8 supplement is ideal for those that suffer from symptoms of anxiety and depression. 

Key Benefits of Vitamin B8

Vitamin B8 is most commonly taken in combination with the other B vitamins. These include beneficial vitamins such as Riboflavin, Thiamine, and Biotin. Although all of these B-complex vitamins tend to positively affect mood, vitamin B8 is known to provide unique benefits. 

Vitamin B8 impacts serotonin levels, which increases emotional pleasure and creates a calming effect. Users have also experienced a feeling of 'vibrancy.' Meaning, their thoughts are more free-flowing, as they experience a heightened sense of mental energy. 

In comparison to stimulants or anti-depressants, vitamin B8 doesn't create muted emotion. Instead, it naturally and safely improves one's mood. This helps users manage stress levels more efficiently. For those that suffer from conditions such as OCD or panic attacks, taking vitamin B8 on a regular basis can help minimize symptoms. 

For an even more enhanced effect, take vitamin B8 in combination with exercise. Due to the stress-relief that's associated with exercise, vitamin B8 helps build on this benefit. This helps users enhance their mental stamina, mood, and confidence. It also helps aid in weight-loss, as metabolism is increased.

Should I Be Concerned About Potential Side-Effects?

Before taking any new supplements, it's important that you look into the possible side-effects. The great thing about vitamin B8, is there are no major side-effects whatsoever. This is a natural supplement that works in harmony with your body. 

Humans have been consuming foods that contain vitamin B8 throughout history. This has allowed us to process large doses without negative effects. However, when taking extreme doses, some users experience stomach aches and dizziness. 

These instances are extremely rare. Since vitamin B8 is water soluble, it helps eliminate toxicity. When too much vitamin B8 is consumed, our bodies help expel excess amounts. Like any supplement, speak with your doctor if you have any concerns. 

What Is the Recommended Dosage?

When practicing a multi-vitamin regimen, vitamin B8 can safely be consumed daily. If you're taking vitamin B8 on its own, 500 mg to 2 grams per day is a good starting point. This will create positive cognitive results, as well as relieve stress. 

In order to enhance your overall experience, take vitamin B8 with a choline supplement. Alpha GPC is a great choice, boosting the overall benefits experienced. When this vitamin is combined with choline and acetylcholine, it has synergistic effects. 

This results in cognitive enhancement, including boosted memory, heightened levels of concentration, clearer thoughts, a better mood, and more. Improved mood and mental performance are incredible benefits, but vitamin B8 also improves brain health. 

When taking vitamin B8, you encourage healthy neural structures and brain longevity. In reality, the effects on brain health are the greatest benefits of vitamin B8. Overall, this creates a more focused, calm state of mind.

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