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Surrogacy in Greece: How is it?




Greek Temple at Sun Rise

Medical tourism is becoming more and more popular among people around the world from both economical and technological point of view. 

Greece is a country known for beautiful nature and peaceful beaches, but its medical development should not remain in the shadows.  

Let’s consider the Greece Assisted Reproductive Technologies treatment and get to know its nuances. 


Surrogacy in Greece

Since 2004 Surrogacy in Greece has been permitted for local residents, meanwhile since 2014, this kind of Assisted Reproductive Technologies has been approved for foreigners. 

Greece Surrogacy has the following checkpoints that are essential to know before decision-making:

  • Surrogacy is approved for married or unmarried heterosexual couples (in both cases, the woman must be under 50 years);

  • Surrogacy can be undergone only on an altruistic basis, the agreement between two parties requires prior approval in court;

  • Egg donation is allowed only on an altruistic basis, where donors remain anonymous; 

  • Surrogacy is allowed only for applicants or Surrogate Mothers permanently residing in Greece;


Despite the altruistic approach of the whole Surrogacy process, the Surrogate Mother is entitled to receive so-called compensation from the Intended parents for her travel expenses, medications, accommodation or job losses (maternity leave) during pregnancy. The total amount of such compensation must not exceed a specified limit of the Greece government. 


Greece Surrogacy and Genetic connection 

In Greece, the Intended parents can take the opportunity of Egg/Sperm cell donations as well as embryo donation for Infertility treatment. Greek legislation does not require a direct genetic connection between the Intended parents and the baby born with the help of Surrogate mother. 

But, neither the Surrogate Mother nor the Egg/Sperm donor has parental rights to children born by Surrogacy.  

The Intended Parents are written down in all legal documents as the parents of children born by Surrogacy from the very beginning, as their parental rights are already recognized by the decision of the Greek court that approved the Surrogacy agreement.

But every family must take into consideration the legal specificities for babies born with the help of Surrogacy in each individual country. 


Surrogacy in Ukraine

When considering Surrogacy treatment, it is worth noting Ukraine as the country with one of the best conditions for such a process. 

Surrogacy in Ukraine is outlined by the following aspects: 

  • Surrogacy is permitted for heterosexual married couples who were referred by the doctor and have special indications (some fertility issues or total infertility) for such kind of treatment;

  • Surrogacy can be undergone on a commercial basis, the legitimized Surrogacy agreement regulates arrangements between the parties; 

  • Any kind of donation is allowed on a commercial basis, but at least one of the Intended parents must have a direct genetic connection to the baby; 

  • Surrogacy is permitted for foreigners with special simplified system of documents arrangement; 


In Ukraine, in contrast to Greece, Surrogacy is allowed on a commercial basis, that allows operation of specially qualified services (agencies, clinics) which help to arrange all the stages of Surrogacy treatment - examination, Surrogate selection, Prenatal care services, Maternity Houses arrangement, etc.

ADONIS Fertility International is an example of the highest quality services in Ukraine which are aimed to reach the best results of Surrogacy. The full operation cycle includes all needed facilities to perform in one place, while American Headquarter (Colorado Springs) will help to start the Program from abroad and give the best consultations.

In Greece, on the other hand, any intermediate activity in the process of Surrogacy will be regarded as Surrogate Motherhood advertising which is prohibited by the law. This can lead to criminal sanctions for participants from 1.500 euros fine up to 2 years in prison. Such a situation can become a barrier for the Intended parents, since they need to find and visit a surrogate mother on their own.

Surrogacy in Greece, Ukraine or other countries - it is only your decision, just weigh all pros and cons before the start. 

Choose only qualified specialists to perform the best.

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