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Tapping Into The Fountain of Youth: Glutathione, Carnosine and Stress Reduction




The Fountain of Youth (St. Augustine)

The Problem…

Human beings have been chasing the elusive fountain of youth throughout time. Today, hundreds of billions are spent around the world on expensive cosmetic products and procedures to reduce wrinkles and improve skin. But many of these methods have proven to be ineffective at best and dangerous at worst. The reason is that they only tackle the surface effects of aging.

A New Solution…

LifeWave has developed a completely novel approach to improving skin quality. LifeWave’s anti-aging trio of patches – composed of Y-Age Aeon, Y-Age Glutathione, and Y-Age Carnosine – work synergistically to provide the body with the proper conditions to improve skin from the inside out. The patches are non-transdermal, meaning no needles, stimulants or drugs enter the body.

LifeWave research is convincing. In a 2011 study, researchers analyzed the effects of using all three Y-Age patches to determine impact on various skin conditions over a twelve-week period. The following criteria were used to determine skin quality:

• Skin secretion (e.g., hydration)
• Skin color (pigmentation)
• Skin texture (e.g., size of pores, skin density)
• Amount of repair to damaged skin

The study results were overwhelmingly positive, demonstrating that the use of the Y-Age patches resulted in significant improvement in various skin conditions. By the end of the study, 75 percent of the study group showed more than 50 percent increase in repair of damaged skin (compared to an average amount of undamaged skin of about 15 percent at the start of the study).

Study investigators stated, “In our personal opinion, there is no other product on the market that could achieve that much improvement in skin condition on so many levels in such a short period of time.”

So, why do these three products have such a dramatic effect on improving the quality of the skin?

About Carnosine

First, carnosine is known to be the most powerful anti-glycation nutrient in the body (glycating agents harm protein). As we age, tissues in the skin accumulate metabolic waste, ultimately causing the skin to become damaged. Carnosine removes these wastes and rejuvenates cells, translating to an improvement in protein structures such as collagen.

About Glutathione

Glutathione has also been repeatedly demonstrated to have a beneficial effect on the skin through repair of damaged collagen. When you elevate the body’s levels of glutathione you also help reactivate inactive or oxidized vitamin C, which triggers the repair of damaged collagen. One of the reasons people have wrinkles is because the collagen structures in the skin have been damaged. So, if you can repair those structures, you can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

About Aeon

The Aeon patch reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles because it decreases the body’s levels of oxidative stress. Stress produces harmful free radicals and other bio-chemicals that can damage our tissues and DNA. Recent research also shows that chronic stress reduces levels of DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone), a powerful hormone directly connected to lifespan, and increases levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which has been linked to accelerated aging. Aeon reduces levels of these harmful oxidative chemicals and protects the body’s structures from harm. 

Using all three Y-Age patches together creates a powerful synergistic effect for skin improvement.

Are you ready to learn more about how LifeWave’s technology can help YOU tap into the fountain of youth?

Unfortunately, many people are still spending money on anti-aging treatments that are not only expensive but can have dangerous side effects. Fortunately, there is a way to naturally and dramatically improve skin from the inside out.

Ready to start benefitting from this new technology today? Click here to buy.

Contact your local LifeWave distributor (Matthew Hogg / ei-resource) to learn more about restoring your vitality and improving your overall health.

To find more details about this unique product range - including a short video, in-depth description, product usage, FAQs and customer testimonials - please visit the official site for LifeWave Y-Age.

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