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Teeth Straightening With Invisalign: Is it Effective & Beneficial?




Invisalign Clear Braces atop Patient Dental Casts

Are you looking out for suitable treatment for teeth straightening? Chances are that you’ve heard about Invisalign aligners. However, people have apprehensions regarding the effectiveness of Invisalign treatment and its benefits over braces. This article provides you with the clarity you need on this subject!

What is Invisalign?

Let’s start with the basics. There is a lot of hearsay about Invisalign. But what is it in reality, and how does it work? Invisalign word is similar to invisible, and it’s intentional. Invisalign is a set of clear aligner trays made with translucent BPA-free plastic. 

Therefore they are nearly invisible to other people.

You can see the stark contrast of Invisalign from the traditional braces, which are awkwardly visible to other people. The aligner trays are custom-made according to a 3 dimensional model of your entire mouth. You need to replace the trays every week as the treatment progresses.

How Does Invisalign Works?

This innovative method allows you to enjoy teeth straightening benefits, such as a perfect smile and bite, without letting your peers know. The aligner trays gently push your teeth into the desired direction and position, as the braces do. These trays are custom-made and painless. However, you may feel a little bit of discomfort.

Aligner trays are removable. With this convenience comes the responsibility of wearing aligners for at least 20-22 hours daily. Otherwise, they will be less effective. 

What is the Duration of Teeth Straightening With Invisalign?

The treatment duration can be anything between 6 to 18 months or more. It all depends on the severity of your misalignment and how diligently you follow your orthodontist’s instructions. As stated above, the instructions include wearing Invisalign for at least 20-22 hours a day.

This means you only got to remove them for brushing your teeth, eating your meal, and drinking anything apart from water. You must also visit your orthodontist’s or dentist’s clinic once a few weeks. They will monitor your treatment progress and give you a new aligner tray to wear until the next appointment.

How Effective is Invisalign Treatment?

Dentists will agree that the effectiveness of Invisalign is not less than any other treatment for teeth straightening, provided it’s used for the right candidate. One crucial fact to remember is that Invisalign is a company that manufactures aligners. There are other companies in the market doing the same thing.

But studies prove that the effectiveness of Invisalign aligners is more than other companies’ aligners. Moreover, Invisalign keeps improving the versions of its aligners by enhancing the force they apply to the teeth.

What is the Better Alternative Between Invisalign and Braces?

One of the most significant benefits of Invisalign over braces is that you can remove the aligner trays. It makes cleaning Invisalign as well as your teeth easier. And if you wear them, you must note that Invisalign requires proper care and cleaning. So there are the most negligible chances of plaque or tartar build-up.

On the other hand, the top portions of your teeth and jaw are covered with brackets and wires if you wear metal braces. So it becomes hard to maintain good oral hygiene leading to tooth decay, poor breath, and gum infections. Therefore gums and teeth of patients who wear Invisalign treatment are in better condition than those who wear metal braces.

Also, Invisalign treatment is generally around 6 months shorter than braces treatment. But remember, your dentist or orthodontist can only have the last word about the appropriate teeth straightening treatment for you.

What are the Benefits of Invisalign?

Maximum dentists and orthodontists recommend Invisalign for teeth straightening because of the following advantages it provides to the patients:-

• Ease of Cleaning
​It’s easy to clean your Invisalign aligners as they are removable. You only need to soak them in a cleaning solution. Then make sure you remove all food debris with a soft-bristled brush, and lastly, rinse with clean water. Your aligners are ready to use again!

• Good for Maintaining Oral Hygiene
Maintaining oral hygiene with aligners is effortless as you can brush and floss properly after removing them.

• Not Noticeable
You can’t miss the aesthetic benefit that Invisalign provides. It’s almost invisible to other people, unlike the uncomfortable wires and brackets of traditional metal braces.

• Fewer Complaints
Traditional braces are troublesome in terms of bracket falling off or wire breaking. You don’t get these sorts of emergencies in between your teeth straightening treatment with Invisalign.

• No Dietary Restrictions

As aligners are removable, you can eat anything after removing them. However, make sure to clean your aligners and teeth properly after your meal and before putting on your aligners. Also, don’t take the freedom of eating for granted. Keep sweet and hard food to the minimum to avoid infection or tooth damage.

Author Bio:
Dr. Pai - Cosmetic OrthodontistDr. Satish Pai is an orthodontist and Ivy League trained dentist who has served as a faculty at Columbia University. He believes a perfect smile not only makes a person look great but feel great. As the founder of Putnam Orthodontics and a Partner at Brite Orthodontics, he is dedicated to providing the best orthodontic treatments to his patients. He also writes to educate people about everything orthodontics and the importance of correctly aligned teeth along with good oral health. In his free time, you can find him golfing, doing yoga or surfing, and spending time with this family.

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