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The 5-minute Guide to Drug Rehab Insurance




An addict injecting drugs outdoors
Investing in the cost of drug rehabilitation is no small matter which is why selecting a drug rehab insurance policy will enhance the quality of care you have access to. It will also reduce your out-of-pocket expenses dramatically. Here is a five-minute guide to rehab insurance.
Decide What Drug Rehab Treatment You Need
A doctor working with patient notes
Drug rehab comes with any number of potential facilities and treatment plans. Some insurance companies only cover basic costs while others offer affordable in and out-patient care:
  • Detox is a primary treatment that you will need to undergo so that your body is clear of any harmful substances. Because of the potential withdrawal symptoms, it is best to utilize a controlled setting like a hospital or in-patient medical facility for care.
  • Treatment will vary as it depends on a person’s biological makeup, the drug of choice, and patient needs. There is no one-size-fits-all practice that fixes substance abuse so a customized plan will need to be in place that lists short and long-term care options. Many insurance companies also make a treatment plan a must-do for coverage. Costs also vary because insurance plans cover detox, treatment, and hospitalization separately. You need to consider each of these areas as they apply to insurance providers.
  • Prescriptions during detox will also be an issue if you do not choose an insurer that covers it. 
During a withdrawal period, medications are necessary to right the effects of detox. Not all insurance companies cover pharmacotherapy, so coverage is a benefit. 
What Insurance Is Best for Substance Abuse?
Health Insurance Word Cloud
Selecting the correct type of insurance will guarantee you get access to quality drug rehab. You will have access to private and public insurance policies that will determine your coverage.
  • Private insurance is a policy that you buy yourself or through an employer. Your coverage depends greatly on in-network out out-of-network providers. You will have some out-of-pocket deductibles and copay responsibilities. In some cases, you will have full cost responsibilities when you choose an out-of-network drug rehab provider.
  • Public insurance is a government program that may partially or fully cover expenses. These plans cover essential health benefits like substance treatment, mental health and medications although some programs do not cover holistic or alternative treatments.
Which Plan Is Better?
'Health Insurance' displayed on a computer screen
Because you can purchase private insurance, you have access to a higher number of network providers. This type of insurance typically is more expensive than government care, but you receive better treatment options. Government insurance also does not allow for negotiations, which means you may have out-of-pocket expenses for treatment and extended after-care.
When it comes to substance abuse, it is often overwhelming to find a quality facility that fits the limitations of your insurance policy. It can also cause addicts to lose the desire to get treatment, which is why knowledge of an insurance company’s practices will greatly assist people in understanding rights and responsibilities as well as the summary of available services.  As you analyze drug rehab allowances, financial issues should never be an issue when it comes to health. You have a higher probability of success when you know exactly where you stand.




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