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The Different Types Of Scholarships You Can Earn For University




Student filling out forms

For many would-be students, college is one of the biggest investments of their lives. Investing in one’s education can certainly pay off in the long run, but in the short-term it’s a big financial commitment. 

To help students with this issue, universities have a wide range of different scholarships available. You may be thinking it’s just good grades that get you into college, but there are all sorts of different factors that can make a difference and earn you a scholarship. 

Academic Scholarships

These are the financial scholarships handed out to students based on academic results. Academic scholarships are offered to students who combine great grades with strong exam scores, and other extra-curricular activities. 

The amount of scholarship awarded to you can vary greatly, but the very best students can find themselves with a full ride to the university of their choice. These scholarships are seen as some of the most prestigious scholarships offered. 

Average Academic Scholarships

Modern universities recognize that academic performance in high school isn’t the be all and end all and so, offer a variety of scholarships known as average academic scholarships. These scholarships recognize the work students do in and out of the classroom in areas such as leadership, social responsibility, and community engagement. 

Athletic Scholarships

Sport plays a big part in university life and colleges are eager to reward athletic talent through scholarships. College football scholarships are probably the most high-profile of these awards, but universities hand out scholarships for a wide range of sports. 

Minority Scholarships 

Universities offer a large number of scholarships to students from ethnic minorities. These scholarships can be funded through government programs, corporate initiatives, or private donations. Some schools offer a general minority scholarships, while others will have scholarships that are reserved for specific minority groups. 

Scholarships for Women

In years gone by, universities were dominated by males, and it’s only in more recent times that women have been encouraged into universities. To reflect the changing nature of college campuses, many universities offer scholarships that are designed specifically for women. 

Creative Scholarships

Just as those people with athletic abilities are rewarded through scholarships, so too should those people with artistic talents. The arts thrive on university campuses, and universities are eager to recruit the best talent. 

To do this, many universities offer large scholarships for art, music, and theatre, and the competition is tough. 

Unusual Scholarships

As private individuals can sponsor scholarships, there are plenty of unusual types of scholarships out there. This category can include pretty much anything, giving students with unusual talents an opportunity to apply for scholarships. 

Community Service Scholarships

Being a student is a pretty full-time job, so universities recognize the lengths people go to do good work in their communities. Community service scholarships are there to reward students who give back to their community and do good in the world. 

Another example of this, which cuts out money but could benefit students greatly, would be a concept known as 'timebanking'. The principles of timebanking are simple; it is a currency system where time replaces dollars and cents. Members of a timebank contribute hours of service in exchange for time credits that can be used for whatever services they may need and are available. It's a hugely positive and community-centric system and could therefore be seen as a big win on scholarship applications. Learn more from this in-depth timebanking guide and infographic.

Academia is certainly not the only thing that counts when it comes to college scholarships, and a strong history of community service can make all the difference.

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