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The Key Benefits of Using Body Wipes that Are Nature Friendly




Body Wipes that Are Nature Friendly

Body wipes have become an indispensable product in the everyday life of newborns, youngsters, and adults due to their versatility, convenience, and skin benefits. Anyhow, not all variants are considered suitable for users and the environment, particularly not the non-flushable, alcohol-based types. 

Fortunately, there is an increasing number of environmentally-friendly body wipes, made from organic material and scented with natural oils. Their biodegradable formula causes no environmental damage, prevents skin irritation, and dryness. 

In recent times, there are numerous online stores, such as Goodwipes, which specialize in selling a variety of eco-friendly, hypoallergenic body wipes. 

These are the key benefits of using such. 


Convenience is perhaps the major reason why virtually everyone is fond of body wipes, as these moist pieces of cloth are both versatile and easy to use. These products can be purchased literary everywhere, from drug stores to online shops. Nowadays, most people have switched to online shopping for body wipes due to the extensive variety of biodegradable, eco-friendly types, which are believed to cause no harm to the environment. 

There is no need for instructions when it comes to using such products, as you are only supposed to remove one from the box and dispose of it in the trash bin. Make sure you purchase a flushable type, made with cellulose fibers so as to minimize the environmental impact of wet wipes disposal. Using non-flushable variants, containing no cellulose may be detrimental to the sewer system. Most online stores offer a special line of flushable variants, particularly convenient for people who can’t get used to throwing these cloths in the trash bin, but continue to flush them down the toilet.

Cause No Skin Irritation

Another significant benefit of using environmentally-friendly wipes is their soothing nature, particularly beneficial for individuals with sensitive skin, prone to rashes. These products are made from 100% organic cotton, scented with essential oils, instead of alcohol. You can choose from a wide range of natural fragrances, such as chamomile, calendula, or rose.

Mother and Baby Daughter in the Park

In addition, eco-friendly body wipes contain no skin-irritating ingredients such as parabens, alcohol, dyes, phthalates, chlorine, and other toxins. In contrast, they are made with skin-nourishing ingredients, such as aloe, which nurture the skin, cause no rashes and irritation. Click here to learn more about the miraculous benefits of aloe, one of the most prominent skincare ingredients. 

Furthermore, the gentle feeling provided by these eco-friendly variants is not only beneficial for newborns but individuals with sensitive skin as well. Owing to the absence of alcohol and toxins, these hypoallergenic products prevent skin dryness and itchiness in both babies and adults. 

Excellent For Freshening Up

There is a myriad of situations where individuals are unable to freshen up due to being pressed for time. For instance, such scenarios as more than feasible when being on the road, waiting for a connecting flight, or heading to an important event right after leaving the office. In such situations, individuals wish for nothing more than getting a chance to freshen up in order to feel revitalized.

Fortunately, body wipes enable people to remove the unpleasant smell and dirt, which are likely to result from spending the entire day working. Owing to their non-sticking nature, you won’t be bothered with sticky skin after using them. 

Additionally, there is a special line of such eco-friendly products, specially designed for situations when people are impeded from taking a shower, such as going on a camping trip or boarding a long-distance flight. The combination of aloe and vitamin E has proven to be an excellent cleaning solution, eliminating sweat and dirt effectively. Most importantly, environmentally-frieendly body wipes nurture the skin, dry incredibly fast, and cause no stickiness.


Although regular antibacterial wet wipes contain triclosan and triclocarban, which are considered harmful to users’ health, the eco-friendly variants use Witch Hazel to provide antibacterial properties. This natural ingredient is not only antibacterial but anti-inflammatory as well, hence reducing skin irritation. The following link,, reveals the most important uses of Witch Hazel. Consequently, it’s an excellent ingredient for the products designed for intimate care. 

Bottom Line

Start using eco-friendly products.

Your skin and the environment deserve it!

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