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Top Superfoods to Feed Your Body




Top superfoods being used to make tea

Sure, everybody has heard about superfoods, with names like Quinoa floating around and young berry juice, it’s a sea of new nutrition that you need to tackle head on to stay on top of your health. 

It’s not just about looking and feeling great either. The sad reality each human faces is that we are designed by nature to age. How gracefully we do so is controllable, yet only to an extent. 

Good jeans and family genetics can go a long way in shaping your bodies future. However, if you feel like adding to that wonderful mass you call your body in a positive and healthy way then the following superfoods could just be the boost you need. 

Munch on Cacao Nibs

Cacao nibs are one of the top superfoods to consume in 2018. These seeds, from the fruit of the cacao tree are packed with heart healthy nutrients. Boldly rich and slightly bitter, cacao nibs have huge health benefits. 

The nibs have benefits including but not limited to a huge boost in vital antioxidants, natural mood boosters, focus and energy enhancement properties, an all in one source of fibre, iron and calcium and they even prevent ageing as well as natural skin health. 

If you’re looking to incorporate this superfood into your diet as a special treat, try making healthy chocolate peanut butter steel cut oats for those days where you need a pick me up. 

For The Love Of Hemp

Hemp Hearts are the shelled seeds of the industrial hemp plant that is related to the cannabis plant. Hemp Hearts are extremely tiny, yet these little seeds blast an injection of goodness into your body, making them one of the top superfoods to consume in 2018. 

Their size makes them extremely versatile and easy to consume. Sprinkle some over your cereal, dinner, salads and even smoothies when enjoying a bit of the NZ sports betting available online. 

Hemp Hearts provide you with an overall intake of necessary proteins, help with weight loss, they promote hair, skin and nail health, packed with omega-3’s and are a great source of natural energy. 

Spice Things Up with Turmeric 

Turmeric is a natural spice that comes from the roots of a plant in the ginger family. Readily available turmeric like any other spice can be used in numerous dishes to keep your health on track. 

The spice has been proven to decrease inflammation in vessels, skin and the gut, it can help balance your mood, it boosts skin health, it can alleviate joint pains and it even promotes brain and heart health. 

One of the most popular dishes where you can use turmeric in abundance is the all time famous red lentil soup that will help beat the winter chills and boost your overall health, plus it makes for a great dinner party starter. 

Grab Some Goji Berries 

These berries are an ancient Chinese medical berry, which can be consumed raw or dried out. They have amazing health benefits and come packed with a wide variety of vitamins and nutrients. 

The Goji berry contains vitamins A, C and nutrients like zinc and iron. They have a tangy taste that is sharp and therefore allows you to mix them into a wide variety of dishes like cookie mix. 

Eat Goji berries for a boost in antioxidants, detoxify your liver, boost your fertility, improve your immune system, help to fight cancer and promote healthy skin.


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