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The Prescription of Hormone Replacement Therapy For Climax




Road sign reading 'Menopause Ahead'

Age changes that occur in the body rarely please us. Gradually, fatigue accumulates, working capacity decreases, the body ceases to be flexible and obedient, and wrinkles appear on the face. However, over time, people learn to accept themselves with all these age changes, and even find some advantages in that.

However, if the age condition causes serious discomfort, it is difficult to reconcile with it. First of all, this refers to menopause in women. It’s exactly the period when prescribed therapy becomes essential for well-being, or even crucial for overall health. 

Symptoms and Possible Abnormalities

The climax is a difficult and fairly long period, which is associated with changes in the functioning of the reproductive system. This process can be quite long, and it is divided into the following stages:

• Premenopause - the period lasts from the onset of abnormal ovarian function to the termination of menstruation. At this time, as a rule, the menstrual cycle starts to show dysfunction, the period become irregular, and the discharge is scarce. The woman's ability to conceive is reduced.

• Menopause is characterized by the end of female sex hormones production. Menstruation is completely absent.

• Postmenopause is the period during which the ovarian activity stops completely.

As a rule, hormonal changes are accompanied by various unpleasant feelings and experience, including dizziness, metabolic disorders, hot flashes, etc.

What Can Help?

During this period, it is very important for a woman to get qualified medical help on time. Patients are offered:

• Consultation of a gynecologist-endocrinologist. Even if a woman comes up with a complaint about brittle nails and loss of skin tone, the doctor should check the level of her hormones (preferably in dynamics). If these are the external effects of the menopause, then without hormone therapy, no treatment will be eventually helpful, but will only have a temporary effect.

• The prescription of hormone replacement therapy, which is adequately selected taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient’s body and the medical history.

Hormone Replacement Therapy Sign

Many women are wary of this form of treatment, fearing potential side effects. However, all drugs that are recommended by specialists are prescribed only after a thorough examination. Hormone replacement therapy for menopause is the most effective way to reduce or eliminate the negative effects on the body and mind, including emotional issues. The use of appropriate drugs reduces the risk of osteoporosis, cardiovascular disorders, and sometimes even the risk of developing tumors.

Also, hormone replacement therapy allows normalizing metabolic processes in various tissues. The appearance, the state of muscle tissue, skin, and hair improve under the influence of hormones. In addition, hormone replacement therapy can prevent mucosal atrophy, coronary artery disease, and lead to an improvement in the psychological state. 

Thus, prescription of hormone replacement therapy is a necessary and effective measure to fight the inconveniences caused by the climax. There is nothing to fear in taking the needed treatment under the surveillance of professional doctor.

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