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The Road To Yoga Recovery: How To Rebuild Your Practice After Surgery




Woman practicing yoga by concrete wall

Yoga is a relaxing and steady form of exercise that is great for keeping you calm, steady and flexible. It’s also a form of exercise that puts strain on the body to achieve this, which means going through surgery can hinder your yoga sessions in the short term. In particular, having abdominal surgery will be a major kink in being able to perform yoga as you used to. 

Doctors are likely to advise that you can go back to your normal routine around 6 weeks after. When you step back on to the mat after this period, you’ll realise that the progress you made previously is becoming a bit of a struggle now.

If you’re recovering from a recent abdominoplasty Manchester, here are some top tips to help rebuild your yoga to achieve the results that you had previously.

Let Go Of Your Previous Expectations

How you were previously won’t be the same now. You’ve gone through a major surgery which means your previous expectations of what you wanted to attain will need to change. You’ll also need to give yourself time to recover from the surgery and go back to how you were.

You need to let go of the fact that you won’t be able to do the same poses. It’s likely to impact on your long-term progress too. Get a feel of your strengths and the limits of your body and then proceed from there.

Take Your Time

Going through surgery can be a major trauma for you physically and mentally, and although there may be a time when the pain has relieved, you’ll probably realise that you weren’t as flexible or strong as what you used to be.

Make sure you take your time and embrace how you look and feel now. There will be messages that your body sends you the more you test it, so treat the messages with grace and see where it takes you.

Don’t Back Away From A Challenge

Although it’s extremely important to take your time with your recover, the only way you can progress is by pushing it. Therefore, if you come across a pose or stretch that isn’t quite at the limit you’d prefer, don’t back away from taking it to its limits. At the same time, don’t push your body either.

It’s about finding the balance on whether what you’re performing is hurting or simply a challenge. Test your limits by striking a full pose with a smooth breath and see whether your body responds positively to it.

Rid Of Your Bad Habits

As your body isn’t as strong and flexible as it used to be, now would be a good time to get rid of some bad habits that you used to have. Considering you’re not at a stage where you’re taking your time with recovery, it would be a good time to focus more on posture and balance. Ensure, you’re rebuilding the pose correctly, which will help your strength and flexibility in the future.

Play Around With Your Poses

This may be a good time to play around with your poses. Go back to the days where you were curious about what you did and what your body could teach you. What if you moved this way or that way? If I inhaled more, can I stretch further? Could you do something better? It’s a great time to explore what you can do.

Although you might be disheartened at first, consider this a time of enjoyment. Reconnect with yourself and have a little fun with your recovery as you look to get back to why it’s so rewarding.

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