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The Wonders of the Drug Nuedexta: Tips When Using It




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Brain function is very important in all aspects of the body since the brain controls everything. It controls your muscles, your emotions, your memories and all the function of your organs. It even controls the beat of your heart. 

Since it is essential to all the functions of the body, it is equally important to take care of it to the best of your abilities. Unfortunately, there are illnesses that can affect the brain and damage it which could lead to difficulties in function. Memory, emotions, movement, and intelligence can all be affected when something goes wrong with the brain. 

Thankfully, for some of the problems in the brain, there is a drug that can help treat or at least lessen the symptoms. The drug Nuedexta which was created and distributed by Avanir Pharmaceuticals is a miracle drug that can treat symptoms of PBA or Pseudobulbar Affect. Click here to learn more about PBA. 

Pseudobulbar Affect is a condition wherein a person is unable to control displays of emotion like laughing or crying. This is usually caused by severe trauma to the head damaging the brain. This can also be caused by other neurological illnesses. 

A person with this type of condition will laugh or cry if they become stimulated in any way. Their displays of emotion are most of the time inappropriate as they could uncontrollably laugh at weddings, wakes, and burials. One of the best examples of PBA is Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker where he depicted the character of Joker with the condition of PBA and laughs uncontrollably in public transportation, during work, and even while someone was getting harassed. 

These displays of emotions do not necessarily affect what the person is truly feeling but it can be very inconvenient to the person and to other people around the person. PBA can be harmful to your work as the person will be unable to perform his or her duties when these episodes happen.  These episodes can go on for minutes and can sometimes become emotion incongruent wherein the person suffering from these episodes is laughing but is actually angry or sad. This can be very emotionally confusing for the person suffering the fits and for the people around the person.

Nuedexta is the drug that can help with PBA. It suppresses the urge to cry or laugh and helps a person control these fits. Based on the experiments and clinical trials, with the use of Nuedexta to patients with Pseudobulbar Affect, patients suffer 44 percent fewer episodes after a week of using the drug. After 3 months of use, patients with Pseudobulbar Affect suffer even lesser of the laughing and crying fits by 82 percent. By the end of the treatment, more than half of the patients have become 100 percent free from the symptoms. 

Here are some tips if you are taking Nuedexta:

Take Your Time

This is a relatively new drug and the experiments and clinical trials are still fresh. There is yet more study needed to be made to be able to specifically see how fast it can really work. One thing is for sure is that it works in treating the symptoms of Pseudobulbar Affect. Based on the research available now, this drug is expected to fully work up to 90 days but it can start working for some even at just a week of using it. 


Make sure to take the medicine as prescribed by your doctor. If your doctor tells you to take it every day for 90 days, then do it and don’t skip on any days. Make sure that you are well reminded to take your meds to ensure that the results will be good. When you see positive results in a week or 2, don’t allow it to stop you from continuing your medication. Your doctor knows what is best and knows how these drugs work. If you want to stop using this drug for any reason, it would be best to consult on your doctor before you do. The goal is not just to minimize but to totally stop all symptoms of PBA. 

Take Notes

When you are taking this medicine, it is a good idea to write down your experiences daily; how often the fits of laughter or crying are happening and if they are lessening or getting worse with the medication. Your doctor should know how it is affecting you so that the doctor can assess if you should continue, stop, or increase the drugs that you take. 
Taking notes can also help doctors study more efficiently, how well this drug works on treating PBA. Your experiences will help the doctor give better judgment for you and for other patients who want to use this kind of medication. 

Side Effects

Nuedexta is not a perfect drug and as it can help with a very complicated condition, it has its share of side effects. Thankfully, these side effects are manageable. Some of the side effects include diarrhea, dizziness, swelling of the foot, ankles, and joints, weakness and fatigue, and some vomiting. These side effects can happen but are not expected to happen to everyone and on a daily basis. Check this website for more information on the side effects of Nuedexta:

It is also important that you are not taking any monoamine oxidase inhibitors as these do not mix well with this medicine. Reactions can happen and it can cause some serious side effects that can damage your body. If you are taking any other medicine, supplements, or any drugs, it would be best to tell your physician before you start taking this. They know what can and cannot be taken with this drug so it is best to be safe always. Another thing that you need to be wary about is allergic reactions and heart problems. Nuedexta can cause changes in the rhythm of the heart or arrhythmia and can worsen heart conditions.

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This medicine can do miracles for you if you have PBA, however, you need to be careful in taking it and make sure to check with your doctor to see if it is safe for you. The goal of these drugs is to make you better and not get you sicker. Research and ask questions before using any drug so that you won’t have problems later on. 




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